Filipino Talent

I love music,  more than that I love talents and the most I like the people who are not afraid to show their talents. To be honest, because I am a shy person I am envy of those people who are not so good looking but are beleieving with their talents.

Me, being Filipino makes me feel good that there are so many Filipino's I mean Half Filipinos are making it big to the International music, movies, sports scene. I know there are lot's of Filipinos who feel the same. If you notice to see a competetion like american Idol and we found that there is a contestant that is looks like asian or hispanic, Filipino people will try to check if he or she is a Filipino, and if they found that its a Filipino or has Filpino blood for sure they're  going  to share a link on their facebook for example.

Today I was watching american Idol, I learned that Jessica Sanchez one of the final 24 for this season of American Idol is half Filipino.

Here is the talents.