How to re-install windows 7 on Toshiba laptop

I've noticed that there are some people having difficulties reinstalling their windows 7. Me too had a hard times figuring out how to re-install Windows 7 on my Toshiba L505. I searched on forums and discussion and they have different opinions, ways and suggestion.

Good thing I still have the manuals and from there I read and follow the instructions. When we first use our Toshiba we ask to make a recovery CD and I did that.

Here is how to re-install Windows 7

1. Insert the first recovery CD that you made into the drive. ( for me, I have 2 CD) and shutdown the   computer.
2. Turn on your computer while keeping the F12 key pressed to open the setup menu.
3. Use the cursor keys to select the optical disk drive (CD/DVD drives) on the menu.
4. Follow the instruction that are appearing on the screen.
5. Within 30 minutes  your Toshiba is like new again.

When I bought my Toshiba it comes with pre-installed 64 bit windows 7 and it has no CD of it.
It also comes with a recovery CD of 32 bit windows 7.
64 bit windows 7 can perform a lot better than 32 bit specially in multitasking proccess like when you are running a lot of applications at the same time.