Free scone at Tim Hortons ( Dubai Mall )

I am a big fan of coffee shop and fastfood restaurant, the reason are the food are served fast and of course they are very affordable. When I want to have a light snack I always go to Tim Hortons because they have a selections of breads and dessert that are not expensive compared to those in Starbucks.

sconeI ordered chicken panini and a coffee, actually coffee is my priority because I am a coffee lover. I was surprise to see that they also put a piece of scone. I ask if its for free and the server smiles and say yes it is.

This is the fifth time that they gave me a free scone and it feels good. The last time when i had my breakfast at Tim Hortons they have a ready to take scones for the customers just beside the pick up counter. So I guess regular breakfast guest are used to have scone free for them.