Are Muslim chefs allowed to taste the food they are cooking during ramadan?

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Being a chef it is very important to taste the food we are cooking before plating it and give to the guest, no matter what the situation is.. busy, angry chef, ASAP etc. If I don't like the food I still need to taste it because I want the guests not just to satisfy his hunger but also to like the food I cooked. There are some circumstances that I don't totally cooked the food and just finishing it to be ready to plate, at this point I normally ask my fellow chef to taste the food.

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But then, what is going on in the kitchen during day-time of Ramadan? Are the Muslim chefs, cooks do tasting the food they're cooking? Because specifically, during the month of Ramadan, Muslims:

  • are prohibited from eating, drinking, smoking, or have sex between sunrise and sunset,

  • should be oriented more towards others, especially the poor and the needy,

  • need to be more turned to God, and are encouraged to read the Koran.

Rules maybe different from other Muslim countries but Dubai UAE has a strict rules of Ramadan that covers everybody, Muslim or Non-Muslim. As we all know Dubai is a diverse city with more than a hundred of nationalities as expatriate and tourist. In respect for non-Muslim residents and tourists, some of the restaurants are open for take-away order and most of the hotel's restaurant are business as usual.

There are so many Muslim Chefs and cooks working in the hospitality industry here, and they are working during Ramadan, they are cooking during Ramadan. If they can't taste the food they must be a master and sure with the taste without tasting the food, or at least they have a non-Muslim cooks that can taste the food.

During Ramadan working with Muslim cook is like working with a vegetarian chef, they will keep you asking to taste the food they're cooking. The good thing is most of the kitchen here has a non-Muslim chef who the do taste the food. This way, the restaurants are serving the same good food.

Next time you visit a restaurant during day-time of Ramadan ask who cook your pasta.