Pansit lumpia

How to make pansit lumpia.

Lumpia is a popular Filipino food that can be eaten as a ulam, merienda o kahit ano. It is very versatile to eat to satisfy your hunger. In the Philippines Lumpia is usually filled with nicely seasoned minced chicken, ground beef or pork. Abroad they filled it with mixed vegetables and noodles.

[caption id="attachment_605" align="alignnone" width="300"]pansit lumpia click to play video[/caption]

I have facebook video here making a pansit lumpia or spring roll. I had fun making this video and gets full eating the lumpia.

Pansit is one of my favorite food especially the bihon. I usually  cook a lot of it then keep it in the chiller to last for up to three days. After three days and it's still good I make a pansit spring roll with it. Very easy that just need to wrap it with lumpia wrapper. keep it in the frezzer then fry when you want it.