Seafood Risotto of Carluccio

It was my first time to eat at Carluccio, and it's also my first time to eat seafood risotto in a restaurant. Carluccio is a Italian chain of restaurant and deli shop in Dubai and abroad.

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Being a cook who knows very much how to cook risotto is quite difficult to decide whether to order risotto or not..First, everyday I am cooking rissotto for the guests, and I do tasting all of them before putting it in plate and serve to the guests... second, rissotto is quite expensive than the usuall food that I ussually eat.

My curiosity brings me to Carluccio Restaurant serving almost the same food in my restaurant, like risotto, pasta, ravioli, meats and seafoods.

I ordered risotto for 68 dirhams. The first thing I noticed is that their risotto is bit more in quantity than my risotto. It comes with calamari, prawns with tail and clams with shell. At first look you'll be curious if it is a porridge and whether they used seafood bisque or fish stock because the color is bit fail. I didn't taste any cheese maybe they didn't put because seafood and cheese are not good combination, but adding a bit will enhance the taste.

The taste is good but I felt something is missing, from 1-5 I will give it a 4. The rice is cook al dente, the seafoods is just right, color is bit fail unattractive. I finished the risotto and I will recommend it to my fellow Filipinos because the taste is very much close to Filipino taste.

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Basically risotto is a rice cook with stock ( vegetable stock, seafood stock, etc..) or water, then mix or (manticare) with butter, parmesan cheese, and the flavor that you like, It can be mushroom, saffron or simply cheese and butter.