Travellers at Mc Donalds

It was my first time to travel to Europe, in Istanbul Turkey and I was amazed that they are serving beer. I heard this before that most of the European countries specially in Germany and Netherland.
McDonald is a kid oriented restaurant for most of the American and Asian country, but Europeans believe kids and adults are equal so they have McDonalds happy Meal for kids and Meal with a beer for adults.

imageTravellers who didn't like the food of a particular country is ending up eating at McDonalds. Why? First of all Mc Donald serves the same food with the same recipe. Second, they are affordable and third, they have restaurant in almost every corner of the city.


[caption id="attachment_638" align="alignnone" width="300"]Beer at Mc Donald Beer at Mc Donald[/caption]

Every country has its Mc Donalds surprise for the travellers. In India they don't serve beef, pork and most of their menu are vegetarian. Philippines was the only Mc Donald serving Mc Spaghetti, and recently Italy start to serve pasta salad. Religion, taste, supply and demand are some of the factors affecting the availability of Mc Donalds menu.