What to expect in flydubai airline?

Are you planning to fly with FlyDubai?

FlyDubai is a budget airline based in Dubai flying to Saudi, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Istanbul and other neighboring city. visit their site to know more about flydubai

Smooth Online Booking:Booking in flydubai website is easy like any other airlines in the world. Choose the schedule, fill up some information and then pay with your visa or mastercard. And they will email you a confirmation and details of your flight.

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Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 is small: All flights of flydubai is operating at the Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 and it's location is not accessible by metro train unlike Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 having their own metro station.

Pay for your heavy luggage: Checking-in is smooth and easy. They allow 1 bag weighing not more than 7 kg for hand carry plus a laptop bag, more than that you need to checked-in and need to pay for 20kg, 30kg or 40 kg which is depend on the flydubai availability of space. This can be pre-purchased during your reservation.

Charges for your sit: Inside the airplane there is only one wall covering the place of the pilot. All the rest are sit like those in economy, there is no business class or any other class or VIP etc. But choosing a sit means additional charges depending whether its close to the front, exit, wings etc.

Wish the airplane is not full: You're lucky if the airplane is not full because you have the freedom to sit on any vacant sit you want, but if its full it feels very uncomfortable touching your skin with the others beside you, there is just one armchair and its very small.

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Pay, for you to listen music etc: Like any other airlines they also have an entertainment, a TV monitor in every sit but using those are costing another dirhams. They have different packages 15 aed where you can watch TV, listen to music and play some games, and 35 aed all the free and basic content plus you can watch Movies. This can be paid using your credit card or pay cash to the flight steward and then they will give you an earphone to use the entertainment.

Buy your food from the flight stewards: In four hour flight they don't have free food, they have a menu indicating the price of every items. Different kinds of sandwiches are ranging from 20 aed to 30 aed for a combo. They have nuts, pringles, pizza etc. Onboard shopping is also available. Its kind a weird because flight stewards are like a sales clerk taking the cash and giving the change. It was fun.

Friendly service: With my back and forth flight I noticed that the flight stewards are very casual to the passengers and so the passengers are to the airplane. Compare to those Of Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Philippines Airlines flight stewards are always smiling feels like they always willing to help. During my flight with flydubai the Filipina flight steward is noticeably friendly and the European lady is noticeably helpful.

The best airport: If it is your first time to come to Dubai and will be arriving to Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 you're going to notice that this airport is not good, it's small and there is nothing, and that is true. But for your information Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 and 3 are one of the best airport in the world.