Ellona Santiago X Factor USA 2013.

updated December 7 2013

After her amazing performance yesterday, Ellona Santiago was eliminated who got the lowest American votes on XFactor USA. I hope she keeps on going because still there's a lot of people who likes her. Noticing that Ellona Santiago's  XFactor USA performance has the most views on youtube compared to other contestant.


"Applause" original of Lady Gaga.


"If I Was A Boy" original of Beyonce



Ellona Santiago was eliminated on X Factor USA




updated November 29, 2013

Makapigil hiningang performance.


updated November 16 2013

Ellona Santiago is safe from the top 12 elimination round.


updated November 7, 2013

November 7 Performance of Ellona Santiago X Factor USA 2013


Updated October 30, 2013

The latest performance of Ellona Santiago on X Factor USA

Once again, Ellona Santiago wow the judges of X Factor USA 2013 with her sing and dance performance of "Till the world ends" original of Britney Spears.



Another Filipina is hoping to make it big with this season of XFactor USA. 16 years old Ellona Santiago is one of the 4 in Demi's girl group. She is in in the top 16 finale of X Factor USA Season 3.

Demi's Final 4 Ellona Santiago performance.



Her First Performance.


Judge Kelly Rowland was surprise with her performance being timid when she comes out on the stage. "What in the world, who is this person, and that is what I love the most because whoever that girl was she came out and she meant business.
Simon keeps on saying Wow wow, That's the one that's the one. “Ellona. I’ll have to remember this name. I love this girl you are seriously good.
Demi Lovato said if she was a judges on Xfactor season 1 she would have gotten through.
Paulina Rubio was absent during Ellona Santiago performance.

Ellona Santiago is popular in the Filipino community in the USA, she usually sings in a Filipino community events. She also has a youtube channel.



I am a big fan of Filipino/part Filipino talent around the world.