Dubai Gym and Health Club

These are some of the Gym and Health Club I tried in Dubai.

You've maybe heard it a million times, and yes I will say it too "Working-out builds and maintains healthy muscles, bones & joints and more than that it improves our confidence". So why not go to the gym lift some weight and watch your self improves physically and emotionally.
How did I go to the gym for the first time.

Excuse not to go to the gym
I have been working out again for three months now, we have a Gym in our accommodation but most of the time it's full and we have just 1 set of every equipment so waiting for the others to finish is making me out of focus.
So I went and tried some of the gym in the city and they are noticeably good having a lot of sets of gym equipment and relaxing luxurious facilities.

Hotels Gym and Health Club.
Most of the hotels in Dubai has a gym and it's not just a gym but a Health Club with a facilities and amenities for luxury purposes. Most of these gym and Health Club are open not only for the Hotel in-house Guests but also to anyone who wants access to the hotels luxurious services.
Becoming a member of the Health Club will give you access to all the facilities and for every visit they will provide you a locker, a gym and bath towel, you'll also get a discounts in their Spa services and in most of their Food and Beverages outlet.

Emirates Grand Health Club
Emirates Grand Hotel
Shiek Zayed Road, Dubai.

The Gym is located at the 44th floor of the hotel so working out here will give you a view of the Dubai Mall and Business bay while running in the treadmill. They have a complete set of TechnoGym equipment and some York machine. They have separate room for a gym class like yoga, kickboxing etc, every wall is a mirror that will show your body improvements. Locker room is huge with shower room, steam room, sauna, and swimming pool on the roof top of the hotel. Spa, Men and women salon is just a step and floor away.
Most of the people working-out here in day time are hotel's in-house guest and at night are club members.
Membership in the current promotion is 199 Dirham per month minimum of three months and I think this is the most affordable Health Club offering in Dubai. One month membership is 500 Dirham. They are open from 7am until midnight.

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emirates grand hotel1

Bodylines Al Morooj Rotana.
Al Morooj Rotana Hotel
Al Saffa Street, Dubai.

The Gym is quite small like its just half of the gym at Emirates Grand Hotel. They have a three treadmill , small free weights area and I think having 8 people inside is crowded already. They have EPIC and Nordic track Gym equipment. Personal trainer is available, special classes can be arranges.
The good thing about Al Morooj Bodylines Health Club is the facilities. As a member you have access to the temperature controlled big swimming pool, Tennis court, Locker room with steam room, Sauna, and a Jacuzzi that is for ladies from 6 am until 2 pm and accessible for men from 2 pm until midnight.
One day access is 90 Dirham to use all the facility and if you come with member the entry is only 50 Dirham. Becoming a member in the current promotion is 3000 Dirham for 6 months plus 2 months free. Previously they offer 1200 Dirham for three months membership.



BodyLines Rose Rayhan Rotana
Rose Rayhaan Rotana Hotel
Shiek Zayed Road, Dubai.

Rose Rayhaan Rotana Hotel is a neighbor of Emirates Grand Hotel which are both few steps from Financial Center Metro Station. The gym is good having a nice center space to work out. I never seen this gym busy, I saw 7 people the most in the gym. The health club is open from 6am until 10pm only whereas most of the time Gym in Dubai are busy until 12 midnight.
One of the thing I like here are the Friendly staff and of course the facilities and the views while relaxing on the pool. Membership fees on the on going promotion by liking their Facebook page is 250 Dirham for one month, 1650 Dirham for 3 months and 2000 Dirham for 6 months. That is a 50% discount from their regular membership.
Non member entry is 75 Dirham on weekdays to access the swimming pool, Locker room with Jacuzzi, Steam room, shower room and sauna. As a member you'll get access to all the facilities and a discount on the spa services and free WIFI access.

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Bodylines Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana
Al Ghurair Shopping Mall, Al Rigga Steet.

Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana is a new extension hotel, shopping mall of Al Ghurair located adjacent to Union Metro Station. Bodylines here has two gym, one is the new one having modern and multi functional machines that makes the gym looks having less equipment. Mirror glass wall gym facing to the swimming pool. They have locker room, sauna, shower and steam room but no Jacuzzi compared to the other bodylines.

The other gym is located on the old hotel which can be access easily passing to the hallway of the hotel rooms. The gym is bit small but with bigger swimming pool.

dubai gym

gym in dubai

Neighborhood and Gym Chain in Dubai.
Aside from the hotels gym, independent gym and gym chain is booming in the city. Most of these Gyms gives a lots of freebies like T shirt, internet access, WiFi access, unlimited water tea and coffee, starter pack with bag, towel shaker etc.

  • TribeFit
    This is probably the biggest gym in Dubai having more than four studios for every group class and fitness activity. Tribefit motto is to be "socially active". Aside from the gym class they also have a different activities indoor and outdoor encouraging friendship among members.
    TribeFit is located at Silverine Tower facing Dubai Marina just next floor of the Carrefour Supermarket. Being a member you'll get to have access to the gym and unlimited gym class activities from yoga to body pump to a simple movie night and outdoor sports activities.
    Depending on your budget they always have a way for you to make it affordable and before you join they will let you use the facilities and decide after.

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[caption id="attachment_834" align="alignnone" width="300"]tribefit outdoor tribefit outdoor[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_835" align="alignnone" width="300"]tribefit movie night tribefit movie night[/caption]

  • Fidelity Fitness
    Currently there are two Fidelity Fitness in Dubai, One is in Jumeira Lakes Tower and the other one is in Dubai Marina and both are good, Both are accessible when you join any of them.
    Fidelity Fitness at JLT is located at Almas Tower just before the Bonnington Hotel. In here they have a big free weights area, a big cardio room, a bike room, a gym class room, a swimming pool and a lounge.
    Fidelity Fitness in Dubai Marina is located at Al Fattan Tower which is just a step away to the beach. The only thing is they don't have swimming pool.
    Once you become a member they will give you a starter pack with bag, a shaker, headset etc. A free towel and robe for every visit, unlimited free coffee and of course a friendly customer service, Access to the facilities, gym class and activities and discount to other products and service.
    A day entry is 100 Dirham, One month is 369 Dirham and the rest are 3, 6, 12, and 18 months contract of unlimited access and use of the facilities. They always have an easy payment plan and big discount for longer contract.

[caption id="attachment_836" align="alignnone" width="300"]Fidelity Fitness Dubai Marina Fidelity Fitness Dubai Marina[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_837" align="alignnone" width="300"]Fidelity Fitness JLT Almas Tower Fidelity Fitness JLT Almas Tower[/caption]

  • Fitness First
    Currently there are 28 branches of Fitness First here in the UAE and most of them are here in Dubai. The good thing is when you become a member you can use most of their branches. Not only that, you can also workout at Fitness First Philippines, Singapore...any Fitness First around the world. Fitness first is The Mc Donalds of GYM.
    Joining at Fitness first is expensive. They have a Lifestyle monthly wherein you pay 509 Dirham per month for 12 months. That would be the easy way to be a member. But if you can afford to pay one time payment and saves a lot then go straight to 12 months contract for 4999 Dirham, 6 months is 3999 and that comes with free assessment and training session with a personal trainer.

fitness first


  • Gold's Gym
    I went to Gold's Gym Battutta Gate, there they have the latest machine that only Gold's Gym has. They have this leg press that gives intense only on the legs. You should go and try to feel the difference. Gold's Gym Battuta gate is not open yet but people who enrolled from two months ago for their pioneering membership can now use the free weights area and class room that is already bigger than most hotel gym. The whole gym is huge when its finish sometime this October 2013. Membership at the existing Gold's Gym in Dubai is expensive ranging from 3000 Dirham and up. As they are expanding and opening more branches they usually give a huge saving for the pioneering member. Currently there offer is in the Reef Mall Deira, For only 6 Dirham per day you can be a pioneer member. Its 2190 Dirham for a 1 year membership. Like fitness first they also have a membership options where you can also use any branch of Gold's gym anywhere.

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  • Target Gym

Target Gym is located at Discovery Garden Zen 04 Building 13. Didn't tried to work out there but been there just to have a look at the facility. Not so expensive and looks small.



  • Fitness Factory
    Discovery Garden

Just recently they had a Groupon Dubai Promotion of 199 AED for 3 months unlimited use of the gym and facility plus 3 session with personal trainer. The regular price are 2500 AED for 1 year membership, 1400 AED for 6 months and 900 AED for 3 months all of these comes with 3 workout session with personal trainer.

The gym may not be big but the space is just right when its not crowded specially in the morning. They have a free weight area with a lot of dumbell and life fitness machine.

There is changing room with lockers and showers.