I had sleep paralysis

Last night I just fall asleep when I heard people entering our room. I tried to check but I cannot move, I started to panic trying to shout but there is no words coming out from my mouth. I heard these people walking, moving around me. I was really scared forcing myself to move and finally did and realizing that it was not real, that its just a dream. I had sleep paralysis.

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Internet explain that Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move occurs right after we fall asleep or when we are waking up. As explained its a feeling that someone is beside you in the bed, a feeling that you fall, a feeling that something scary is inside the room and you are unable to move.

It explained that its happens due to irregularity in the process of sleeping. A cause of insomnia, sleep deprivation etc. Most people experience this at least once.
photo source: wadeva.net