The Bench Philippine Products are tough.

Goodbye to my bench wallet. I bought this wallet at bench starmall in Mandaluyong City Philippines five years ago.

Five years ago before going to Dubai I bought this wallet at bench in Starmall Crossings, this wallet is the toughest wallet I ever had. This wallet is on the sale items and one zipper handle inside the wallet is missing, and this is the only piece left so I took it because I like the design. I'm not sure with the price, I think it's around 250PHP. I don't usually buy expensive stuff like shirts and trouser, shoes and wallet like this. Most of my wallet before was imitated international brand like Gucci, Lacoste etc, fake that I bought on the street costing just 50PHP. As expected they didn't last long.

This wallet is very good, it sometimes surprise me that I still have money hiding inside.
Now is time to say good bye, you are broken now.

Now I have this new Pull&Bear brown wallet I bought at Pull&Bear Dubai Mall. I've seen this wallet two weeks ago, 99AED color black, I want to buy it that time but I decided to check in the other shops in other mall, hoping that I can find a similar design and a bit cheaper but I didn't , so I go back to Pull&Bear Dubai Mall and when I get there I missed the color black and there is only 1 piece left and it's color brown.

If bench Dubai have the same kind of wallet I will buy it.

Let us support Philippines Original Products.