World's most expensive bottle of wine 2013

I never liked alcoholic beverages. It maybe have a health benefits but I really don't like its bitter taste. A lot of people loves to drink. I saw people drinking beer while walking in the streets of Bangkok. Tagayan in the barrio of the Philippines, people drinking beer at McDonald in Turkey, and people get drunks while partying in Dubai.

I also saw people elegantly drinking wine while having a lunch in a cozy restaurant, a big wine glass never gets 1/4 full looks good to those elegant people.

A bottle of wine priced at $195 thousand USD goes on sale and displaying at the Le Clos wine store in Dubai International Airport.The 12 liter bottles were produced by the 400-year-old Ch√Ęteau Margaux vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France, One of the world greatest vineyards.