Dubai Airshow 2013

Today I proved that I am not a fan of airplane or jet exhibition. I did enjoy seeing the people, their reaction but I am not really amaze with the acrobatic aerial exhibition, its looks the same on TV. I admire those pilots anyway.

[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignnone" width="960"]Dubai Air Show Dubai Air Show[/caption]


It was my day off, I packed my bag with my workout clothes, my video cam and a camera and decided to go to Deira and look for new things and at the same time filming things on the street and then go to the gym after. I was about to take the metro train when I saw this double decker bus with " FREE SHUTTLE TO DUBAI AIRSHOW" written on it, no second thought I decided to go. Inside we are around 10 people.

Dubai International AirportBecause I am also curious where is this new airport in Dubai and it says that this is the world biggest airport today that just open last September 2013. Its the Al Maktoum International airport at Dubai World Central.

So from Battuta metro station going to Dubai World Central takes time to travel. Just after the area of Battuta there is no traffic lights, not traffic, and the bus is moving as normal but still it takes almost an hour to get to the new airport. It means that if you are from Dubai city proper and your going to the new airport you need to leave your home at least 3 to 4 hours not to be late in your flight.

Emirates airlineWe reach the place and there are lots of cars and hotel service, very big parking spaces. There is just 1 scaffolding seating for the audience and it was not full. From the sit you can see different kinds of helicopter and airplane etc, and there is one building inside exhibiting things about aviation industry. and of course the jet plane flying in the sky spreading smokes with different colors, turning extreme turns.

If you want to go there. The show start in the afternoon and ends at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the ticket is 60 Dirham, there are few food kiosk selling shawarma, popcorn, drinks and sandwiches. There is a free shuttle bus at the Battuta metro station, you will see it there written in a big board. Its a double decker bus.

I didn't enjoy the show but its good that I saw new things, new place and seen happy people.