Filipino, Philippino, Philipino, Filiphino,and Pilipino, Which one is right?

I recently discovered that a lot of foreigner are using the word "Philippino" and "Philipino" which is supposed to be Filipino in English language when they describe someone who is from the Philippines or someone who is looks like a Filipino.

You may not realize these when you hear them saying the word, but when you go to Twitter, other social networking site and chat room there's a lot of people talking about the people they think from the Philippines or from Asia and they say these words:





[caption id="attachment_1075" align="alignnone" width="511"]Filipino not Philippino Filipino not Philippino[/caption]







Filipino is a person from the Philippines and is also one of the official languages of the Philippines.

[caption id="attachment_1084" align="alignnone" width="513"]Filipino Filipino[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1085" align="alignnone" width="512"]Filipino Filipino[/caption]


Pilipino is a local word for Filipino.( Ako ay Pilipino : I am Filipino.)

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Pinoy is a slang word of Pilipino. ( Pinoy ako. : I am Pinoy. )





Filipinos refers to people of the Philippines, Filipino if it is singular.

Filipino is also the official language of the Philippines.

Pilipino is a Tagalog word of Filipino. Pili means choice Pino mean fine, it means Fine Choice.


These words confuse not only the foreigners but also to some Filipinos because all Filipinos are very much exposed to English language. And most Filipinos these days speak TagLish (TAGalog, engLISH).

You'll hear some Filipinos they speak without letter F in their word, (Family- Pamily, Food-Pood, Muffin- Muppin)

Philippine Alphabet before has no C,F and Z but we have n, ng.


I found this Tagalog video tutorial of Fides, I enjoy it actually, cool and easy to understand.