My best coffee shop and cafe in Dubai.

I am a coffee drinker, it doesn't matter which brand of coffee it is but I always order cappuccino whenever I am out. At home I have a Nescafe 3 n 1 its fine for me, at my work's cafeteria there is Nescafe make your own coffee and there is a vendo coffee machine which I never tried.

I don't know exactly but I love drinking coffee outside, I sometimes take my coffee to the bench downstair of my apartment.

Here are some of my best coffee shop and café in Dubai which I like because of their service, internet access and locations.

Located at the second floor of Al Fattan Tower JBR

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I have been here once and I like the concept. Its a café and at the same time like an office. They have different design of seat, couches and table and has electrical socket to power your laptop or any gadgets that you have. Inside there is bar, you can see the kitchen, they have glass walled special room, they have an ad board where you can post your special skills for a possible freelance job. The place is quiet as most of the guest are busy on their computer while eating or sipping their coffee.

They have coffees, teas, breakfast, pasta, sandwiches, salad, mains and dessert.


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Kino's Cafe
Located inside the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Dubai Mall.
This coffee shop is calm, simple and not crowded and has a terrace al fresco with the view of Dubai Mall fountain. Its the best place to watch the fountain at night while having a coffee.

It's inside the bookstore but unpaid books are are not allowed to bring in as security guard will ask you to leave it on the door.

Coffee here is bit expensive 18 Dirham small cup of cappuccino which is not enough for me, but its not just the coffee that keeps me on coming back here, its the combination of everything, service, people and the location and ambience.

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Dubai Mall
There are lots of Starbucks in Dubai, there are three in Dubai mall and two of those are my favorite, The one in the ground floor facing The Address Hotel and the fountain is good for its al fresco coffee drinking while chatting with friends or by just watching the people. they also have a close section if you want a quiet relax place and of course they also have seat inside the mall. The one on the second floor is good as it is not crowded and have the best couches to sit in. I never been on the 3rd one that is located at The Village of Dubai Mall coz when I go there its looked no vacant seat coz its small.
You know starbucks... The same that is why I like starbucks. I like the coffee being in the paper cup because its hotness lasts.

Coffeol Dubai Mall.
Located at the first floor of Dubai Mall near Bloomingdale.
coffeol dubai mall

Nothing special, it just that its inside the mall, under the elevator going to the next floor. What I like about this coffee shop is I can stay here as long as I want because its open. The last time I went there, 10:30 in the evening and at 11:00 all the staff left and they let me stay there and I left around 12:30.

Tim Horton's
Is also my most visited café, because they have a very affordable food selections from coffee to sweets and sandwiches. When I am with my friends this is where we usually go, specially the one In Dubai mall facing the fountain and the one in JBR at the walk. The location of these Tim Horton's are both good anytime of the day specially for breakfast as you can see people jogging on the path.

All The Perks Café
DIFC Metro Station

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The best thing I like here is the unlimited WiFi. Compared to Starbucks, Tim Horton's etc.  where internet access is limited to 1 Hour.  If you want quiet sipping of coffee then stay inside, and if you want to hear the noise of Shiek Zayed Road then sit in their al fresco.

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Where is your best coffee shop in Dubai?


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