Dubai Bar Singers on Stage.

Dubai Bars Stage performers

Dubai is one of the city with the most number of expats from countries like England, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and The Philippines. It is not a surprise to see a bar or a night club rated as Filipino bar, English bar, Indian or Russian bar. Most of these bars features a live stage performance from dance to singing to comedy presentation. Everybody are welcome whatever your race are.
Stage performance in Dubai bars, night club are sure to be stricter compared to other countries because of Dubai's religious rules.

Filipino Bar

Boracay Night Club Dubai.


English Bar

Irish Village Dubai

Smokers Haven.

Last friday our team went to New Midnight Cafe, It's a bar and restaurant that is located in Discovery Garden Dubai. I was surprise that there is such a place like that, I mean it's a close bar but inside people are smoking cigarette and shisa. it was my first time in an indoor smoking restaurant. Some people are having tea, Moroccan tea, Arabic tea. Most of the guests are middle eastern people so I guess its arabic bar cafĂ©. They serve international food, there are pasta, sandwiches, sushi,noodles and arabic food.

Music without expression

They have a Arabic Singer on stage singing of course arabic song which I don't really appreciate because I do not understand the words. The second singer is arabic lady, I thought its funny because there is no expression while she is singing. Her voice is powerful but its boring. I don't know maybe its a sad song or what...and then later on I heard the people clapping their hands and then...there started the singer to move and give a bit of expression to the music. I started to like it a bit.

Arabic, Filipino, European Bar Singers Compared.

I've been to Irish village and they have English Singer there and I like it. Then it was my first time at Midnight cafe where they also have this singer. And I've been to most of the Filipino bar and they have a very nice singing and dance performance. You can see the big difference. I never been to any others so maybe they have a great presentation as well.