How to Rent The ByKy Bike in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina.

After more than 10 years eh nakasakay ulit ako sa bisikleta, Akala ko nga eh hindi na ako marunong.  Yesterday I tried it at  Downtown Dubai. Nakakatuwa.

downtown dubai

You maybe noticed those ByKy bikes in  Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. You maybe wanted to use it but doesn't know how, well there is written instruction on how to use it and it was very easy.


This is how to do it.

1. Download the application from App Store called "nextbike", they also have the nextbike version for your android smartphone. Register with your name and mobile number.


2. Open the application and write the code of the bike you want to use and then tap " Start new rental"  and the bike will automatically unlock, you just need to take it within 2 minutes.

byky bike dubai

(This process required internet connection, don't worry because Downtown Dubai has free WiFi)
If there is no internet connection you can call their hotline to unlock the bike. If you want a detailed process visit Nextbike Dubai.

3. Use the bike, enjoy and discover the place. Be careful.

I made a video clip

4. Returning the bike is very easy. Just put the bike exactly how you take it from the byky station. Double check if its locked.

Bike in Dubai
* paid by credit card, Emirates NBD debit card works. I am not sure with salary card.

*15 AED for 30 minutes.

* nextbike has locations in over 100 cities worldwide.


Alternatively, You can just call their hotline number that is posted on their bike station to rent the bike. This require you to have a Visa, MasterCard and or Credit card. Debit Card works too.