Things I hate about my roommate.

I never had a room of my own in my entire life.
When I was young my whole family sleep together under the big kulambo. When I was in college I share a room with my brother and my cousin, When I got a job I rent a bedspace in a sharing room of at least 2 people. When I come to Dubai I share a room with a colleague. Until now it's almost 5 years that I am living with different room mates. I had an Egyptian roommate, an Italian and of course a fellow Filipino roommate.

These are some of the things they do that I really hate.

In the toilet.
* They pees like the toilet bowl is small that the urine is messing on the floor and makes our toilet stinky.
* They didn't lift up the toilet bowl led before peeing, and after using it.

While I am Sleeping:
*Making noise like no one is sleeping. Banging the doors, drawers etc, Not necessarily angry they just didn't care.
*when they speaks loud on the phone while I am slepping.

Its fine for me if they dont clean and organize the room or the toilet or the kitchen because I can do that at least once a week.