Working Hours in Dubai.

According to the UAE Labor Law Section 7 The maximum prescribed working hours for an adult employee is eight hours daily or forty-eight hours per week. However, the working hours may be increased to nine hours per day in the case of persons employed in trades, hotels, cafeterias, guards.

I have been working here in Dubai for almost five years now, Based on my observation and my experience this law is not being exercise by most department in most company specially in the field of hospitality particularly in the restaurant operation. I have been in three luxury hotels here in Dubai and most of the restaurant staff are working more than the prescribes eight hours without overtime pay.

As a cook we are sometimes jealous to the food server because they can manages to work as short as four hours in some days. Its their way of offsetting or working more hours on busy days and working less hours when it is not busy.
But in the kitchen it's almost impossible to happen, there's a lot of work in the kitchen. Aside from that, kitchen has different section where cooks are trained and assigned to work. If you are just two or someone is new in the section you are surely working more than 8 hours.

But I believe this is all depend on the Chefs who is managing the kitchen. There are some Good Chefs that can manage their cook to work not more than eight hours on regular days. Of course there are some, I mean a lot of Chefs who are not confident of letting their cook to work in the prescribed working hours. Sometimes unfairness occur when the Chef is giving favour to the other cook by letting them go home early.

I had a conversation with one of the cook in my station, I am his superior and we are friends. As I understand he is complaining that I go home whenever the chef tell me to go home. That I didn't think the possibilities of getting busy after. I tell him that we are in Dubai, if the Chef tell you to go, you should go because this is very rare to happen and it's the decision of the chef for sure he think about it.

We are not force to work more than eight hours, we can actually ask our manager or Chef if we want to go on the right time. But doing that will build a not so good reputation that will reflect on your work evaluation which is the bases of promotions.

At the end of the day, we maybe work more than eight hours a day for free, as long as we are happy....I just hope that we we'll always be healthy.  life is GOOD.

Detailed UAE Labor Law

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