Why these people stink?

Before I come to Dubai, I already heard that people in the middle east are stinky, I thought it was the Local  but then I realized that Locals are always with the nice scent. And it is mostly the expat who really are stinky. I am not talking about the construction worker, even those guy with nice clothes smell.

I have been living here in Dubai for more than four years now, eversince I was living in a shared room normally with my fellow countrymen, I had some european and arabic room mate before and they are normal. Let me share this article.

Countries in the middle east are very hot in summer, You'll see people sweating here and there and you'll will not miss there foul smell.

I have a great respect to the construction workers in Dubai, Yes they stink but that is because of their job. They work very hard in the very hot rays of sun.

Some taxi driver, are stinky, they are in a relax sit, air-conditioned car but still some of them stink.

I also see people who go to work without taking a shower, they are noticeable with their weird hair, eyes and the clothes they are wearing. This makes them smells like a dog and cat cage.
There are some people who dress very well but when you get close to them... yo yo yo  their shirts stinks. These people are used to have that smell and for them it is normal which is very foul for other.

Some people are combination of stinky shirts and body odour, These smells really gives me headache and turn me to vomit.

Some people takes shower, wear nice clothes but they go straight to cafeteria where the smell of the buffet stick to their clothes.

In this world there are particular races of people who are noticeable stinky, researcher explain that it is because of the food they are eating and their hygiene preferences. I had a room mate and the research is proven.

I noticed that my room mate doesn't use any laundry soap in his clothes, in our bathroom he have just 1 bath soap, i can hear him brushing his teeth, taking shower, but i didn't see any toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo and other toiletries in our bathroom.

[caption id="attachment_1663" align="alignnone" width="560"] My room mate keeps on hanging his towel on the door of his cabinet just beside my cabinet. I don't like the smell.[/caption]


I am comparing my towel to his towel and this is how my towel looks.

[caption id="attachment_1662" align="alignnone" width="560"]comparing my towel to the towel of my room mate. comparing my towel to the towel of my room mate.[/caption]

Some people just got a wrong taste of choosing perfume..cheap perfume that makes them smelly to others.