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Switching to Apple MacBook

Finally. I am now writing this blog with my new Macbook Pro. I feel amazing today.  It's been two years that I am dreaming of this.

2008 when I first came to Dubai and the very first gadget I bought is a HP computer costing around 4000 Dirhams and I paid it on an installment basis because my salary that time is only 1700 Dirhams. But due to excessive use for gaming by my room mate, the LCD crashed and think of bringing it to the repair shop will gives me more trouble in the future so I decided to buy a new one.

December 2009 when I bought a new one  Toshiba Satellite L505 which until now (June 2014) is in good condition without any scratches or faded color. I am heavy user but until now it works good for web browsing, watching movies, etc. But it takes time now to start and it becomes very slow on video editing.

Why I switched to MacBook.

It all started when I bought an iPhone 4S on 2012 as replacement for my Samsung Jet. I thought  it's only the camera and the design that makes the iPhone 4S amazing. But then I started to watch a tips and tricks youtube video tutorial and from there I learned that it can do so many things that  other smart phone cannot do, that it can create music, edit great video etc. Ty Moss of Ty's iHelp YouTube Channel without him knowing that he influenced me to be apple fanboy. I bought an iPad 2 then change it with an iPad mini and before buying this Macbook I am very much tempted to buy a 128 gb iPad mini retina but then end up with this Macbook Pro.

Most of my videos are edited using Cyberlink Powerdirector on my PC but its getting very slow with my almost five years Toshiba Satellite L505 PC. Then I learned some stuff that it's more easy and more convenient to transfer and edit videos on iPad. Aside from that, iMovie and Pinnacle Studio video editors works great on iPad the only problem is the 16 gb space on the iPad. Gadgets and stuff are not created perfectly so I decided to keep my16 GB iPad mini  and bought this Macbook Pro MD101 mid 2012 model.

This Macbook Pro MD101 is mid 2012 model, Since two years ago I am planning to buy this. Finally I did.

With this Macbook Pro:

1. I hope to learn new things that only a Macbook can do. (making apps etc)

2. To make nice video.

3. To learn audio production.

4. To write more blog.

5. To use this device to help others.

6. To enhance my knowledges as a Chef.

7. To save money,


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