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The story of me getting permanent residency in Australia.

2008 when I left the Philippines for a job in Dubai. 

I was a working student at that time and earning money just for survival, no savings and can't really afford things that I want. I was able to support the processing of my documents and related expenses because of the 13th and 14th my pay that I received from my employer.  I was able to go on a job interview during my 1 day off and by skipping a class. 

2015 when I left Dubai. 

I have a good, comfortable life in Dubai. My first salary in Dubai was 1700 AUD as a Commis Chef. I worked in Four Season Golf Club, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and for more than five years in the Armani Hotel. The latest salary was 3000 AED and I manages to save a little bit and was able to buy some of the things that are making me happy. 

My First month in Dubai 2008

I was able to do what I love.

September 2015 when my friend convinced me to work in Australia. I was hesitant because I do not want to spend a big amount of money and I have a comfortable life in Dubai. I was then convinced and by November of 2015 we left Dubai heading to Europe. 
While waiting for the Australian Visa, my friend and I decided to travel around Europe and Southeast Asia. In February 2016, we are in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia when my Australian visa application was granted. 

Arrives in Sydney.
With my training and research visa or 407 Visa, I work as a Chef de Partie in Training.  Training Visa is a workplace-based training and it is paid just like a normal employee. This visa is designed for people offshore who want to enhance their skills in Australia. 

My First week in Sydney

Sydney is beautiful with my overall experience and that is why I decided I want to stay longer here. The 407 Visa is valid only for a year that is why I gather my documents and did a skills assessment, English test for me to be able to apply for a work visa. During the year I was also looking for a company that is willing to sponsor me. 

Long travel for a job interview.

1 Year of my Training and Research Visa
During my days off and in my free time I always look online for a company that is willing to sponsor me. Together with other friends we also tried to travel to other cities walked in different restaurants submitting our CV hoping to be sponsored for a job. There was no luck because competition is tight in the city, there are many applicants in the city that don't need sponsorship, they are usually the locals, the people on student visas, and the dependent of the main visa holders.  That is the reason why I focus on submitting my CV to different companies in Regional Australia. I got the Job in Port Stephens and I am still here.

During my 457 Visa
During the three years, I was balancing my situation whether to just finish my 4 years visa and go back to the Philippines after, or apply for a permanent residency visa to stay here. There was no pressure on me because I am confident of going back to the Philippines and start a new life there but at the same time I was also preparing myself for possible more years of stay in Australia because life is so good here... and so I was also preparing the requirements for visa application (I took English test IELTS).  I said to myself that I am going to DIY my Visa application in case I am going to apply for a permanent residency visa. 
During this time my Australian qualification is already expired (Commercial cookery Cert 3). and because of that my only option is to apply for Temporary Resident Visa, transition Stream subclass 186. This visa doesn't require me a "new skill assessment" or "Australian Qualification" (Commercial Cookery Cert 3) because I have been working in the same employer for at least two with my Subclass 457 Visa. 

CoVid 19 Visa Situation
Seeing the pandemic situation in my home country and in other countries, made me easy to decide of staying here in Australia.  I asked my employer if they are willing to sponsor me for permanent residency. They acknowledge my request and they explained the procedure saying that I need to wait because they needed to go through the legal process of making sure that no locals (Australians) apply for my position. They basically need to post a job vacancy for a period of time for an Australian to apply for my job position. Plus other sponsorship stuff.
I waited a couple of months until HR confirmed that they are going to sponsor me for permanent residency. They asked me If I have a lawyer, or agent that I want to take care of processing my Visa application. I decide to have the same migration agency, the one that they refer to process my previous Visa. 
I submitted the following as a requirement for  Subclass186 Visa applications.
  • Passport copy
  • Current visa copy
  • New job offer letter
  • English test result copy (IELTS)
  • Australia Police Clearance
  • Dubai Police Clearance
  • Income statement from ATO
I also submitted the same requirements in my previous visa like 
  • My birth certificate
  • Employment certificates
  • School credentials
Submitted also filled up immigration forms stating my employment history, education, and countries been to as I can remember in the period of 10 years.

It was March 2021 When my Subclass 186 Visa was lodge to the immigration. I received my HapID or the medical test referral from the immigration. The medical cost is about $400.

My Visa has expired.
My Subclass 457 Visa validity was 4 years and it is expired on the second week of March 2021. Basically, if you are in Australia and you apply for a new visa, Australian immigration is going to issue a bridging visa. That bridging visa will let you stay legally when your visa expired while waiting for the result of the new visa application. 

The first week of June 2021 when I received my Subclass 186 Visa approval. 

*The communication between me and my employer's HR, the migration agency is all through emails. The visa validity, updates can also be accessed through the Australian immigration VEVO website.