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My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My $487.65 is now $1023.14
On December 14, 2017 I deposited $487.65 to Coinspot and bought this three cryptocurrency. I bought $100 of Bitcoin, Qtum and Ripple.
Fees varies upon the coin.
Bitcoin $96.48 + fee = $100
Qtum    $95.24 + fee = $100
Ripple  $94.75 + fee = $100

You can try it here. it will go to Coinspot Australia.

I checked it on the second day and I noticed that the Ripple and Qtum grows and Bitcoin losses some cents. But in total it approximately grows to $373.52

December 26, 2017.  And then i bought the Litecoin and Etherium with the remaining funds that I previously deposited.

December 29, 2017. I sold some of my earnings from Qtum and Ripple and bought Verge.

January 1, 2018. The Verge goes up to $206 from $167.98 and by this time Bitcoin is down to 70.55 which I originally bought $100.

January 5, 2018. The total amount of my cryptocurrency reach to $1,030.38

January 7, 2018. Two day ago I sold my Bitcoin and i bought Tron for $81 and by this time it goes down to $63.77

If you are interested to try Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency you can use this link to enroll at Coinspot. Coinspot is easy to use.


  1. Have you cashed out any amount so far? How long does it take to get the money in your bank?

  2. I haven't cashed out because the money that I put there is an extra money. I don't need it up to this moment.