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My daily life, The pelicans in Australia.

I am usually working 8 hours a day, 5 days in a week. Here in Australia full time workers usually have two days off  (38 hours work a week). Compared to some countries only people working in the offices have two days off and the rest like waiter, customer services, are usually have one day off in a week.

When I am day off I usually just bike around the area, or sometimes meeting friends driving around or eat somewhere.  There are so much to enjoy around here. Beaches are just everywhere and you can swim anytime you want or do your water activities.

Nature is amazing, there are birds everywhere, they are actually the one that is going to wake you up, the birds are noisy but they are beautiful. Lorikeet is my favourite they are usually in group and they look beautiful colourful together.  There are also some swan at the beaches and Pelican that is not afraid to human.  Pelicans usually stays near the fish cleaning area because they are eating the fish trimmings.

Spring days in Australia

Spring is my favourite time of the year here in Australia, actually both the autumn and spring. They are perfect no sweating on my daily bike ride. Also the place is so beautiful during these days beacuse there ae many flowers and birds just everywhere around. During spring wearing jacket is okay and wearing tshirt is okay too. Swimming in the beach is okay too compare to winter that literraly no one is swimming.

My english ratings according to IELTS, My IELTS experiences.

IELTS is one of the most used English tests as a requirement if you are planning to work in an English speaking country like the US, Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom. IELTS is also one of the requirements if you are planning to study abroad, not necessarily speaking English country.

I came to Australia without the need of taking any IELTS with my Training and Research Visa last 2016. it was not required before.  But in 2017 I needed to apply for a working Visa which is why I needed to take the IELTS General. 

That time IELTS was A$330 and you need to book it in advance in different IELTS test centre around Australia, I booked mine at IELTS University of Technology Sydney.  When you book IELTS it comes with the free reviewer that you can access online to study and be prepared on the actual test.  To be honest I did not know that reviewer before and didn't do any kinds of review aside from watching some IELTS sample tests in youtube. I am not really good at English, you can see my videos and will notice my English problem...but I passed and got and an overall score of 6, but got 5.5 with my listening and the rest are 6.

IELTS is valid only for three years that is why again I took IELTS in preparation for my future plan, possibilities, and opportunities. I booked it at IELTS University of Newcastle in New South Wales. I did not take any review and again I passed and got a little higher score than my previous one...but it is the same "competent" level. 

IELTS Reviewers are available everywhere and there are also IELTS review classes in major schools around the world. 

Speaking Test

Speaking test is similar to an interview. The interviewer is going to ask you some question and will also give you some topic that you need to discuss. It has a timer and the conversation between you and the interviewer is recorded. 

In my case, the interviewer just asked me the basic about my self like what is my job and what are some of my duties in the kitchen. Then he asked me things about "making a list"  and its importance. I remember my friend was asked about a flower and he needed to discuss things about it.

I did my listening, writing, and reading test on the computer.

Listening Test.

The listening test is similar to the usual school test where you really need to listen to the narration and pick the correct answer. Narration only read once. 

Reading Test.

The reading test for me is easier because there is a chance to have a look at the article while answering the question. 

Writing Test.

The writing test has to parts, the first one is you need to write kind of letter to someone, it can be a request letter, a complaint letter etc. The second one is you need to write an article about the given topic.

I remember that when I was in Dubai my friend took the IELTS at the Wollongong University at Dubai Knowlege Village and it costs 990 Dirhams.

Some IELTS establishment does offering free IELTS computer trial test. and free IELTS review.