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iL Cafe di Roma

Updated March 12, 2014

For the third time we come to this restaurant to accompany my friend who is hungry. I am not hungry but I decided to order for the sake of being in the restaurant. I ordered Penne Arabiata.

I don't like their penne arabiata, the pasta is almost over cooked and it has just tomato sauce. A bit spicy is the only reason to recognised that its penne arabiata. I am not sure if this is the standard but I didn't noticed what else are written on the menu as description of this food.

I am a better penne arabiata cook than the chef who cook my order. My penne arabiata is cooked with home made penne pasta, well cooked, with a bit of chop chilly not very spicy, tomato sauce, fresh cherry tomato and chop parsley tasty season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

I will never try to order Penne/ Arabiata in any restaurant now.

Because I didn't able to catch the 9:30 pm bus I decided to try this restaurant in EMAAR blvd. "iL Cafe di Roma" looks and sounds expensive. With its name its sure that it's a Italian restaurant. I am not a big fan of Italian food but because I am cook in a Italian restaurant so I know that they have something for me. As expected they have pizza, gelato, buratta, and of course pasta.

I ordered linguini with seafoods (calamari, shrimp, mussels) and ice tea. Their linguini has a creamy white sauce, it's cooked al dente and has right amount of shrimp, calamari and mussels. The taste is good but I didn't finished because i easily get full.
The lemon ice tea is good like everywhere.

The restaurant is good, they have a comfortable seat, al fresco with the view of down-part of Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa because it was covered by the Dubai Mall bridge. They have wide LCD TV playing football games. The ambience is good for sure I am coming back.

The waiter exceeded my expectation. They are about to close the restaurant when I ordered coffee that I am going to sip outside at al fresco, He gave me extra wifi password and he told me that in case I stay for long I can use the internet.

Airplane Safety Video Is Not Boring Anymore.

This videos have been very popular in 2013, they're really entertaining.

Soon, Airlines are going to change their on board safety video by NOT reminding their passenger to switch off their iPad, smartphone, ebook and other electronics devices. Passengers of Delta Air and JetBlue are now having the freedom to use their electronics device throughout the flight.
Don't be surprise if you see your friend updating their Facebook 30,000 feet from the ground.

But before the changes happen let's have a look at these happy, lively and entertaining Airplane Safety Video On-Board.

Air New Zealand
Hobbit are flying safely with air new Zealand.

Cebu Pacific Air
Depending on occasion they will make sure you enjoy the safety guide to fly.

Fly Dubai
Emiratis cartoon characters are on board.

Philippine Airlines
Filipino Hospitality

If you want to smoke go out of the aircraft.

Virgin America
This is the most entertaining safety video on board.

I recently experience the Business Class of Emirates Airline and it was amazing. My Fourteen hours of travel feels not enough and I want to make it longer. Business Class Flight comes with comfortability and luxury, it was amazing.

What Happened If You Get Sick in The Middle East.

It's actually when I am sick that I remember the most my mother. Right now I cried remembering her. Doctors, nurses and even friends cannot replace the love and caring of a mother and it shows the most when the children are sick. She will do everything to healed her sick child.

When you are sick in Dubai you need to go to Clinic or Hospital and secure a sick leave certificate for you to go back to work without any problem. This sick leave certificate is electronically registered to Dubai Healthcare Facility and it cost 60 Dirham. Manual or unregistered issuance of health certificate will cost to the doctor or to the clinic a penalty of 5,000 Dirham.

Most company in Dubai has its own clinic at work and in the staff accommodation usually open 24 hours with the nurses on duty and doctors usually visit on schedule. If you are sick they will assist you by taking your blood pressure, body temperature and maybe send you to the hospital in case you're in a serious illness. Also staff accommodation has a room design just for a sick person.
I think these nurses are only allowed to do the first aid, taking blood pressure, body temperature, securing health insurances, paper works and the rest are up to the Doctor.

There are times that sphygmomanometer and stethoscope are saying that our body temperature and blood pressure are normal and usually nurses are relying on these devices and so they will not do anything.. maybe give you a paracetamol. If you feel really not well it is always advisable to go to the Doctor and for sure they will do the necessary action.

I believe that most of the company in Dubai has a health insurance for their staff. With this health insurance you do not need to worry about medicine, confinement, operation and other medical procedure. Consultation and health certificate might be chargeable but some company makes it reimbursable.

Annual Medical Exam.

Annual medical check is required to all people working in Dubai, Chest Xray, Blood Testing and stool are the basic requirements for medical Test.

Chest Xray is done to check the lungs. Once they pound something suspicious in your lungs they will require you to take sputum test and another blood test in the government clinic.

Blood Testing is done for a possible infectious and contagious diseases like Hepatitis, AIDS etc.

Stool Check is done for a possible parasites in our body.

If there are irregularity with the result of your medical test, they will do another test, once positive then they will bring you to the hospital or quarantine room for treatment and or deporting you to your home country.

Affordable Luxurious things you can afford in Dubai.

Some people in Dubai can afford to go to bar or night club and partying after work almost every night, But for most, life in Dubai is just again, every day is like this that they get bored and sick for the same thing every day and it's getting hard when they keep on thinking and missing their family. Friends is always one of the best things to have while we are far from our family.

There are times that we are alone so trying to do things that will make you busy. Don't just sit in front of the computer and browse the updates on your Facebook, browse some other things. My room-mate before, he does painting. Before going to work, he paints, after work he paints, on his day off he paints and goes to party after. If you feel boring at home go outside and see new things. There are so many things to learn outside that could open new possibilities and opportunities.

A night of stay in a hotel room. Hotel room in Dubai, in UAE, is ranging from 90 dirhams to thousands of dirham per night depending on Its luxurious facilities and amenities. You'll be like a king not thinking about the messy room, the dirty dishes, and the super friendly room-mate. Bring your passport, national ID as hotels in Dubai required you to have that.

An hour or two on the beach. Most water part covering Dubai are beaches that can be access to public or luxurious private. Beaches here are clean and accessible by any form of transportation. Mamzar beach is the biggest of them all having a park, amphitheater, playground, swimming pool, picnic areas, and cottages. JBR beach at the walk is very close to alfresco restaurants, Jumeira beach which is a swim and goes as its close to the road. And some are hotel beaches offering luxurious services.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Sit and a sip in a coffee shop. Some people come to a coffee shop for a small chat while having a coffee, for some being in the coffee shop is to think and enhance their creativity. These both work for me when I am with friends and when I need to be alone to think and be creative while having a coffee.

Lift some weight at the Gym Most of the employee accommodation, condominium and hotels have a gym of their own. Lifting some weight will give you a new experience which gives you sure painful body in a few days but later on, you will like it and will give good results in your body posture and shape. There are also lots of luxurious gyms in the city ranging from the affordable gym to expensive health clubs which will give you access to the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, swimming pool, and friendly customer service. A day pass of at least 50 AED or to be a club member for a month, three months, six months or even a year of a healthy lifestyle.

Pamper your self in the spa. If you think the spa is just for women then you are wrong, the spa in Dubai is made for both men and women. And if you think the spa service is expensive then you are wrong. Again it all depends on how luxurious you want it to be. A price for full body Massage is ranging from 75 dirhams to hundreds of dirhams. Foot Spa, body scrub, facial, etc.

A ride in public transport. As most of the company has a company service then try to use public transportation. Dubai buses, Metro trains, Abra are the basic means of transportation by land and water in Dubai. To ride in any of those is another way to enjoy and discover the best and the rest of Dubai. These public transport are affordable, safe, secured, comfortable and having a clear glass wall good for sight-seeing. If you want to pay more, Dubai Big Bus, Taxis, Limousine and private cars are some of the options.

Outdoor activities and adventures. There are lots of activities and adventures to do in Dubai. It's ranging from cheap to affordable to a very expensive one. There is sky diving costing around 1700 AED for the first jump, desert safari, ski and ice skating, water sports, outdoor fitness, fishing and cruising in the Arabian Gulf. There are so many companies offering services and packages for different activities.

Turkey Tourist Visa For Filipinos.

If you're living and working in Dubai UAE, holding a Philippine passport and planning a vacation in Europe, America or anywhere in the world, I must say applying for a tourist visa to any country is easier kesa pag nasa Pilipinas tayo (Applying Turkey Tourist Visa from The Philippines), we also have a big chances to get a visa approval to visit any of those country where we need visa. But of course every embassy or consulate has its own set of requirements before letting someone to go to their country, and its very important to have those requirements completed.

Visa is Required: Karamihan sa mga tourist destination sa buong mundo eh required tayong mga Pilipino na kumuha ng visa bago tayo makapunta sa bansa na nais nating puntahan katulad ng USA, Italy, UK, Greece, Japan, Turkey atbp.

Visa On Arrival: Ang iba namang mga bansa ay yong tinatawag na Visa On Arrival (VOA) kung saan pag baba natin sa bansa nila eh saka palang nila tatatakan ng visa ang ating passport. Ang iba eh walang bayad at ang iba eh may kaukulang charges. Katulad ng Kenya, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Nepal, Nicaragua, Fiji atbp.

No Visa: Kahit papaano eh may mga bansa na Philippine passport lang natin ang kailangan at hindi na kailangan ng visa para makapunta sa bansa nila katulad ng Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, Morrocco, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Equador atbp.

We just came from Turkey and everything was smooth and I am very happy with that 4 days trip. I and my friend applied for a tourist visa one week before the flight and we got the visa 2 days after. The visa is single entry, valid to use within three months, can stay to Turkey maximum of 30 days. The visa application cost 220 dirhams and is not refundable. They have e-visa or online visa application pero hindi kasali ang bansa natin.

Personally, these are some of the documents we present to the Turkish consulate in Dubai.

1.Filled-up application form downloaded from their website attached 1 passport size new picture..

2.Bank statement at least three months. I think they just need to know how much money goes in and goes out from your account, and if you can support your days of stay in Turkey. I Have just 1200 dirhams in my emirates NBD payroll.

3.Original Philippines Passport and a Photocopy. Valid for at least 6 months from the time of application.

4.NOC letter from the sponsor or company you are working with. Its a certificate of employment stating your joining date, your position, and your salary. and is asking the consulate to let you enter Turkey.

5. Copy of confirmed round trip flight tickets and hotel bookings. It means you need to book a flight and hotel before applying for a visa.

Basically, if you are an ordinary employee like me you just need to submit these. But if not, Turkey Consulate in Dubai has this information for you to know.

"Applicants with a residency from Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman may apply for a Turkish visa in the Consulate General of Turkey in Dubai located at Dubai World Trade Center. Visa applications start at 09:00; Sunday to Thursday. Make your visa application in person and at least one week before you proceed to Turkey to avoid any inconvenience. The maximum number of visa applicants every day is 40.  

Visa information for different countries may be found here:

Required documentation for visa application:

For Tourism Visa:

  •  Filled up application form must be completed with accurate information and signed.

  •  Original passport (must be valid for at least 6 months during the time of application),

  •  One passport copy,

  •  One passport size photo (in color, new and clear),

  •  NOC (No objection) letter from the sponsor.

If the applicant is the owner of the company, a copy of his/her trade license is required.

For children under 18 years old, both parents must be present at the application, and the NOC letter must be signed by both parents.

  •  Copy of confirmed round trip flight tickets and hotel booking (for all passengers),

  •  Bank statement for the last three months,

 If the applicant is employed, salary certificate,

 If the applicant is unemployed, the sponsor’s passport copy,

 If the applicant is a maid, the sponsor must be present for the application with a copy of the sponsor’s passport."

Life is good enjoy.

Baboy sa Dubai (Pork in Dubai)

Do you have pig in Morrocco? Yes we have but they are outside, on the loose in the forest and we dont care about them.

Most of the Arabic and muslim country eh bawal ang baboy isa na nga dito ang Saudi Arabia na totally haram or bawal ang pagbibinta at pagkain ng karne ng baboy. Ang pagbabawal na ito eh base sa kanilang relehiyon at aral ng Islam. Ayon sa kanila madumi ang baboy at hindi ito dapat na kinakain ng tao. "Pig eats everything dirty or not". Totoo naman na kinakain ng baboy ang kahit na ano as a matter of fact eh karamihan sa mga nag aalaga ng baboy sa mga likod bahay nila eh sagmaw ang pinapakain sa mga alaga nilang baboy. Nangongolekta pa nga ng sagmaw yong iba mula sa mga kapitbahay para may ipakain sa alaga nilang baboy. (Sagmaw is a mixed leftover and spoiled food.) Pero sa panahon ngayon eh feeds and growers na ang pinapakain sa mga baboy lalo na ng mga farms at piggery owners.

May mga ilang arabic and muslim country na kung saan eh pinapayagan ang pag bibinta at pagkain ng baboy. Isa na nga dito ang United Arab Emirates particular na dito sa Dubai kung saan na ang karamihan ng mga turista at mga expat eh hindi muslim.

Regulated ang pagbibinta ng pork dito sa Dubai at hindi lahat ng grocery at mga restaurant eh nag bibinta nito. Karaniwan na ang malalaking hotel lamang ang nag se serve ng pork products katulad ng Armani Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Marriot Hotel at marami pang iba. Karaniwan din na naka separate ang lugar kung saan nakalagay ang mga pork products. Some hotel and grocery has separate rooms for it. Spinneys, westzone supermarket, wow pinoy are some of the grocery na may separate rooms para sa binibinta nilang pork products.

Kitchens of the restaurant serving pork are also using separate machine and equipments sa pagloluto ng karne ng baboy. Oven, tray, pot, pan laddle, knife at kung ano ano pa.

Beef Tinola


Nagulat na lang ako sa kaibigan ko ng bigla syang tumawa pag pasok namin sa cafeteria, kaya naman pala eh dahil sa ulam na nandoon.... Beef Tinola. Pati ako eh napangiti at noon ko ko lang din nakita ang ganong beef tinola... Napaisip tuloy ako kung may beef tinola nga ba? Pag tingin ko don sa ulam eh nilagang baka naman pala. Malamang eh ibang lahi ang nag handa ng label nong ulam at hindi nila alam kung ano ang tutoong pangalan.
Mabuti na lang at lasang nilagang baka kaya masarap pa rin. Kahit ano pa ang itawag nila don.

Kumakain ka ba ng Hilaw na Karne?

Wala akong muwang noong nasa Pilipinas pa ako na ang karne pala ng baka (beef) ay kinakain kahit na hindi gaanong luto. Nakagisnan na nating mga pinoy ang pagkain ng basta lutong karne at wala tayong muwang lalo na tayong mga mahihirap na mayron palang tinatawag na rare, medium rare, medium well at well done na pagkakaluto ng karne. Lalo na kung hindi tayo nakakapunta sa mga sosyalan na restauran na puntahan ng mga mayayaman.. Nasanay na kase tayo sa mga food court at mga fastfood kung saan eh well done at over cooked ang mga pagkain.

Kahapon we have a guest anim sila I think mga Hapon or Intsik. Omorder sila ng set menu, four course kung saan may starter na salad at cold cuts, second course na saffron risotto with osso boco, main course na beef tenderloin. Then desert na pipiliin na lang nila sa vitrine.

Kapag hindi kami gaanong busy eh ugali ko na ang tingnan sa may dishwashing area ang mga plato na pinagkainan ng guest, tinitingnan ko kung naubos ng guest yong mga pagkain na niluto namin. Pati basurahan eh sinisilip ko pa dahil baka naitapon na don ng waiter yong mga natira.

Nalungkot at nanghinayang ako nang makita ko na halos hindi nabawasan yong beef tenderloin na kanilang inorder. Inisip ko rin na baka hindi sila kumakain ng medium rare na pagkakaluto ng karne. If that is the case eh kasalanan ng waiter dahil responsibilidad nila na tanungin or kung maaari eh ipaliwanag nila sa guest kung paano nila gusto ang pagakakaluto ng karne.

Filipino food abroad

Dito po sa abroad particular na po dito sa Dubai eh may mga Filipino restaurant, Filipino shops at syempre Filipino food products.

Bawat supermarket at grocery dito ay may mga section para sa international product lalo na dito sa Dubai na maraming asian, indian at european.

Mga de lata, dry goods, at mga Filipino seasoning ang kadalasan na mabibili dito.
May mga grocery din na nag bibinta ng lutong pagkain katulad ng adobo at pansit for take away.

Cars in Dubai.

Karaniwang nang makikita dito sa Dubai ang mga abandonadong sasakayan. Sports car, luxury or ordinaryong sasakayan eh basta na lamang ina abandona ng mga taong umaaalis dito sa Dubai. Karamihan sa mga tao dito bago umalis ng Dubai ay ibinibenta ang mga kagamitan nila samantalang ang iba lalo na nga akong biglaan at kapos sa panahon para ibenta ang mga kagamitan eh pinamimigay na lang at kung minsan nga eh basta na lang ini iwanan sa kung saan saan.

Ang sweldo ng ordinaryong empleyado dito lalo na ng mga waiter eh hindi naman kalakihan kung iku kumpara sa Pilipinas. Kagandahan nga lang dito eh walang tax kaya buong buo ang sweldo ng isang empleyado. Sa basic salary na 1100 + tip na nasa 1000 + service chrages na hindi bababa sa 500 dirhams. Umaabot din minsan ng 3000 aed na kung e co convert natin sa piso eh aabot din ng P35,000.

Kung iipunin ng isang empleyado and sweldo nya sa loob ng kalahating taon eh makakabili sya ng second hand na kotse na kadalasan eh mabibili lamang ng 10,000 dirhams. Magandang klase na yon at seguradong maipagmamalaki na.

Isa ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit basta basta na lang ina abandona ang mga sasakyan dito. Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit lahat ng klase ng mamahaling sasakyan eh makikita dito sa dami dito sa Dubai.

Pero ako wala akong plano na bumili ng sasakayan, bakit? Eh kase hindi ako marunong mag drive, wala akong license at ayaw ko din.

How to be beautiful, good looking and attractive.

There are ways to improve your looks. You can be beautiful or good looking.

Clean looking people are always attractive they always got the second look. Hindi lahat ng maganda or pogi eh attractive. Being attractive is a big point para ma capture mo ang attention ng lahat.

Your height, skin color  and shape of your face maybe difficult to improve but proper Grooming, Clothing, Posture, Fitness and Attitude are sure things to consider para maging pogi, maganda at attractive ka.

Brush your teeth, clean your ears, your face and your body. Clean cut your hair or comb it nicely. Remove unwanted hair. Keep your fingernail clean.
Making and keeping yourself clean will make you confident about your good grooming.

Kahit ano pa ang style mo sa pagdadamit you'll be handsome and beautiful and attractive kung malinis ang damit mo, well pressed and well fitted sa katawan mo.

Stand straight, sit properly, walk confidently and relaxed. Wag masyadong kuba at wag masyadong liyad.

Going to the gym to exercise, to work out is a big help to make your self feel better. Exercise and working out also helps you to develop your posture, size and shape of your body.
If you noticed people who have nice body are always attractive, sometimes they are more good looking when they are naked.

Smile and greet the people, be nice, be positive about everything. A simple hello with a smile is a big factor to be liked by the people and that makes you atrractive.
Remember that attitude is the most important factor to be liked by others.

You can start now to be attractive, smile and greet the people you meet right after reading this.

Breakfast at Tim Hortons (another first time)

First time I learned Tim Hortons was in the Internet once I was browsing my friends facebook. I saw her picture working at Tim Hortons in Canada.

Here in Dubai Tim Hortons just open during the first quarter of 2011 and now 2013 they have branches everywhere in UAE specially in Dubai.

Now I am here having my breakfast and this is my first time to eat here. I thought food and drinks here are expensive but i was wrong, It's very affordable like Mc Donalds. Good thing I tried.

Breakfast combo with sandwich and coffee and a hashbrown cost 24aed a little expensive than Mc Donald. But its okay because in here is very comportable.

Men holding hands while walking.

Malamang ay iisipin ninyo na sila ay bakla dahil sa pag lalakad nila na magkahawak ang mga kamay. Pero sa pagkaka alam ko po eh hindi po sila binabae dahil subrang dami po ng ganyang eksina ang aking nakikita dito sa Dubai. Sabi sabi po eh karaniwan na sa kanila ang ganyang eksina lalo na sa mga Bangladeshi mga Nepali, Indiano atbpa.

Kahit na po ang mga Arabic ay nag be beso beso din sa kapwa lalake at kung minsan pa eh pinag didikit nila ang kanilang mga ilong kung saan ay parang nag ki kiss sila sa labi. Ang mga yan po eh hindi nagangahulugan ng katulad ng iniisip nating mga Pinoy na sila ay bakla. Yan po ay isa sa mga kaugalian at pag galang na kanilang nakagisnan. Hindi po natin dapat na pagtawan kundi dapat po nating igalang.