My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

The lockdown life in Australia.

Australia is easing lockdown restrictions in the coming days according to the nightly news on the local television program.

First Quarter of March 2020 I was in Dubai for a seven days holiday. During this time China, Italy and Iran already got the worst Covid 19 situation. Because of that, I decided to go back to Australia three days earlier than my booked flight because I am feeling the possibility of closing international airports.

I was already in Australia planning my bikepacking trip to Tasmania when they announced the self-isolation requirement for everyone that is coming from the overseas starting on the 15th of March. This made me analyzed the situation and I decided not to go to Tasmania. I just stayed at home and never gone out for 14 days. I have enough food for fourteen days.

I never get bored during the fourteen days as I was busy with my videos, social media, and learning new pieces of knowledge from the internet.  In case you don't know I do live by myself.

I was able to get back to work and did some breakfast service all by myself as most of the staff are already stand down and we don't have many guests in the hotel. After the breakfast service, I cleaned all the walls of the kitchen, the hood of the pizza oven, and the floor. I planned to clean the ceiling but then the management decided to shut down the hotel because of the travel ban as the COVID 19 cases are soaring high. There have been many restrictions updates during these days in order to lessen or flatten the COVID 19 cases curve.

Making Money Online.

Making Money Online for Free

During this world health crisis, lucky are the people who are working online, most of them are not really affected by the lockdown.

These are some of the websites and ways I am sure people can possibly make good money if they start to do it.

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply sharing an affiliate link to your audiences, friends, or to whoever to come across your affiliate link via your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, your blog site, etc.  Once the people buy the product through your affiliate link, you'll get commissions.  You don't need to be a degree holder to do this, all you need to do is be able to be creative to make the people click and buy through your link.  Some affiliate partner is able to earn more than 50 percent of the product or service they are linking.

For you to become an Affiliate Marketer, you will need to apply to any website that you see with an "Affiliate, or Affiliate Program" on the bottom or menu of their website like Tube Buddy . Approval is very easy. Once you are approved, you'll be able to see your affiliate partner dashboard showing how many clicks, how much you earned in a day, week, months, year. 

You'll be paid through your bank account, PayPal, or any way your affiliate program mentioned.  Amazon, commission junction, eBay, are some of the most popular websites with affiliate marketing programs. These websites created banners, short links, images, and even videos that you can use for your affiliate marketing technics. 

Tube Buddy


Heaps of YouTubers are making youtube as their main source of income, Most of them earn thousands of dollars every month just through YouTube advertising.
  • Youtube channel membership,  your member will make a recurring monthly payment in exchange for the perks you offer.
  • YouTube/Teespring Merchandise, You design the t-shirt, mug, etc, set the price and ready for sale and Teespring will do the shipping.
  • Advertising, You earn money for every youtube ad.
  • Super Chat, your fans pay you to get their messages highlighted in the chat stream. 
If you are not yet qualified for YouTube Monetization, you could possibly do these:
  • You can ask a company to sponsor your video by promoting their product or services. negotiate the price.
  • You can put product affiliate links from Lazada, Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc. Earn from 1% to 75% of the price of the product.
  • Only fan access video, you can set the price.

Cheap iPhone SE Second Generation 2020

I just bought my third iPhone 6S last week and I am actually regretting having this one again because this is my third iPhone 6S.
Yes, it is my third iPhone 6S, I had no idea that this Cheap iPhone SE Second Generation is coming out this coming week.
I had my first iPhone 6S three years ago, the second one just less than a year ago, both of them got the glass broken because I was not using a protective case because it feels unnatural having a protective case. I learned my lesson and I am now using a protective case to my third one.

My eBike Experiences, Which one is best?

eBike will save you money in the long run. Petrol, car registration is usually costly.
I am living where public transportation is not conveniently available to someone like me who doesn't know how to drive a car. eBike or Electric Bike is the best option I have in this hilly part of New South Wales here in Australia.

My First Bike is not an eBike

I have no knowledge about the bike and just bought this one because of its price and looks. I bought this one from Kmart for just 109 dollars. This bike is really tiring, I always need to push it while walking every night that I am going home. Always sweating even in the winter.

Apollo Big Boy eBike

My first eBike is an Apollo Big Boy EBike. This one has a big tire which is really good because I can drive it in the sand, along the beach. I choose this eBike primarily because of its looks. It is beautiful.
This eBike has a rear hub motor, 7 gear speed shifter, three-speed mode, and a light button. This eBike is powered by Hailong 36V Battery. I charge the battery for around 6 hours and it lasts for

Switching to MacBook Pro, Air in 2020

I used two windows laptops before switching to apple computer. It was the HP and Toshiba. The HP screen had a screen problem then I bought the 15' Toshiba which last for a long time then I sold it to a friend. 

I always wanted to have an apple computer because it is looking good, it looks elegant, it looks like a luxury, it looks like it is giving you pleasure when you are using it. but it is very expensive costing around two months of my salary when I was working in Dubai.
I got my first MacBook Pro from Giant's Supermarket. 4000AED it was a big sale. It doesn't disappoint me, the pleasure and luxurious feeling having it is real, and the most important thing is what MacBook Pro can do. It is amazing it can do many things that don't require you to buy or spend more money separately.