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Kuala Lumpur Train Travel to Singapore.

Ticket to Singapore

I get bored when I was in Kuala lumpur so I bought a train ticket going to Thailand. Then my friend who was just arrived in Singapore convinced me to go with him and travel together.

So the next day I went to the Intercity Ticket Station at the KL Central Station, I ask the teller to change my Thailand ticket to Singapore ticket. They give me change because the Thailand ticket was 69MYR and the Singapore Ticket is only 39MYR. My advice is to plan your travel and buy ticket in advance specially during weekends that trains are usually fully booked.

Kuala Lumpur Central Station

I have a backpack and a luggage and went to the Kuala Lumpur Central Terminal 1 hour earlier to my 22:00 boarding time. The Central Terminal have restaurants and McDonalds that is open 24 hours, a lot of benches and waiting area. It is very crowded in the daytime. The intercity Train here is not so many like Europe where trains comes and go every 30 minutes.

The security will just let the passenger go to the Flatform once the Train arrived. The security has checked the the ticket and baggage and they let us in inside the carriages. The sit and carriages number is written on the ticket.

The Night Train with Bed

It is a night Train and will be travelling for around 8 hours going to the JB Central Station. I got a second deck of a double decker bed.  The night Trains comes with a normal couches but mostly are converted to double decker bed specially for long night travel. It is actually comfortable, comes with nice bed, clean pillow and clean blanket. And is covered with sliding curtain but expect to hear the sound of the snoring and chatting passengers. There will be a ticket inspector on board and they will start to check the ticket just right after boarding so you will not be disturb while you are sleeping. I didn't see any luggage space so I put my luggage and my backpack on my bed. The other passengers they just keep their luggage on the floor. The train stops in other stations to unload and pick up new passenger for around 5 to 10 minutes then will go and end the trip to JB Central Station. Johor Bahru or JB Central Station is the final and last station of the Train. Johor Bahru is part of Malaysia and is connected by a bridge going to Woodlands which is a part of Singapore.

Johor Bahru Malaysia Immigration Control

Around 5:00 o;clock when we arrived at JB Central Station. There is supposed to have a transfer to another train going to Woodlands but it is fully booked until 16:00. The teller told me to just take the bus as it is always available going to the Woodlands. I just follow the teller instructions, I follow the crowds that are also going to Singapore. I don't know actually what is outside of the JB Central because I just take a long walk, around 20 minutes walk taking elevator, escalator and hallways without going outside the building. Then we end up in the Malaysia immigration Control. I show my passport and did the immigration check out. Then following the instruction going out and I found the Bus going to Woodlands. Camera and Video Cam in the immigration building is not allowed so I don't have any picture.

Crossing the Boundary Johor Bahru to Woodlands.

The bus is nice, the locals use their card to pay, some people just drops coins on the box beside the driver and because I don't have coins I pay to the driver and he gave me changes and printed receipt, I forgot how much but its cheap. It's around 30 minutes travel because it is very traffic, but can be taken for 10 minutes without the traffic. This bus is just crossing the river, the boundary of Malaysia and Singapore.

Woodlands Singapore Immigration Control

We reach the Woodlands and noticeable the amazing numbers of people with their motor bike and cars that are also going to cross the border and will go to Singapore. And that is aside from the people that are commuting from Malaysia to Singapore like me. So these people are maybe living in Malaysia but working in Singapore it means that this s a daily scenario in this place. Upon reaching the immigration some officers ask me some information like, where I will stay, for how long etc. Then they stamped my passport to stay in Singapore maximum 30 days. Filipinos have no visa to most asian countries for 30 days.

Finally in Singapore

I get out of the immigration and to be sure I ask one officer if I am already in Singapore  because people are still look the same, environment is still the same. lols. Down the immigration is a bus terminal going to city. I don't have Singapore Dollar with me and there is no ATM machine in the area. I walk and reach this place like a market, I ate there and withdraw some cash. I went back to the bus terminal I take the bus and the conductor told me that I can pay Singapore Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit.

How to Travel Around Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I already spend a lot of money during my long days Europe trip that is why I need to save and spend as thrifty as I can during my trip to Asia.

From the Airport

It was morning when I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. They have a nice looking airport and its quite busy. I didn't stay long in the airport I just observed a bit and check the internet for the possible scam I might encounter in the city. Thanks to the internet I've seen ways to avoid those scammers. The airport is far from the city and your option are:
  • KLIA Train. is a train service that will bring you to Kuala Lumpur Central Terminal. From Central Terminal there are MRT and Tram with several lines that you can use to go to your Hotel. Using the ticket machine is easy as the instruction is written in English, Malay and Chinese.
  • Metered Taxi, Taxis are always ready waiting for the passengers from the airport, as much as possible always ask to switch ON the meter to avoid excessive charges and inconvenience. Some of these guys do some kind of scams.

  • Airport Budget Taxi Coupon, I used this going to my Hotel. Basically, there is a counter in the KLIA  located in the exit of the departure area. From there you can buy a prepaid taxi Coupon. You just need to tell to the teller the address of your booked Hotel or house and they will compute and print the voucher then pay for it. Then go outside and look for that taxi and show to the driver the voucher and that is it.

  • Car lift.  I don't know if this exists in Kuala Lumpur but it's not a good idea to use it in any way.

  • The taxi brings me exactly in front of my guest house, The driver was using his mobile phone GPS during our trip and that's when I realized that google map works really well without a data plan, you just need to open the google map app then search the target location while you are in a wifi zone then you're good to go. The map will bring you to the right place. I didn't give a tip to the driver because he is not polite. He opens the windows of the car and starts to smoke. I don't mind, I'd rather sleep than speak to him.


    I booked the first guest house while I was in Europe When it comes to booking a Hotel always consider to book in a location that is near to your places of interest or at least in a place that is easily accessible.  It is going to gives you conveniences and savings. If you love going to the beach then book a hotel that is near or accessible to the beach.  Like for example, you are going to Phuket, for sure your main target is the beach then book a hotel near or walking distance to the beach. Most of the time taxi/tuk-tuk drivers are scammers especially for the tourist like us, avoid that. I stay in Kuala Lumpur for 20 days in different guesthouses. If I like the guest house I speak to the reception to extend my stay or sometimes I book it again depending on the price.  I stay in one guest house because it's cheap and nice-looking in the picture when I book it and is accessible but I regret it because it's dirty  and I am scared because it feels that I am their only guest for 6 days. I used booking and Agoda to book Serai Inn, Arenaa Star, Bullokcart Hostel and Trilogy Hotel. Anyway, if the description of the hotel in is different from the actual,  you can complain and ask for a refund if you want.. just be sure to be ready for any inconvenience.


    Most of these guest houses and hotels provide free breakfast, it is written on your booking. if you are new in the city McDonald's is the first option because they have the standard taste of their common food and the prices are almost similar to your home country. Most of the time I am eating in a local cheap restaurant for around 5 to 7 MYR a meal, I felt that more than 10 MYR is already expensive. For one day I spend more or less 30 MYR. I am not really a fan of Indonesian food, I am not into strong spices. Compare to Dubai food and hotel in Kuala Lumpur is almost 75% cheaper. 1 meal in Dubai is ranging from 15 to 25 AED in the food court.  The value of money has small difference as of this time it is 10.00AED = 11.41MYR


    One of the good thing in Kuala Lumpur is the GOKL, GOKL is a free bus service than goes around the city, That is where I ride on my city trip, it is having several lines to cover most part of Kuala Lumpur. GOKL is free for all, for locals and tourists. You can ride in a designated loading and unloading area located in the convenient location of the city. They also have buses, MRT Train and Tram. For one ride it cost ranging from 1MYR to 3MYR. I never tried the taxi.

    Parks, Attractions and Malls

    Kuala Lumpur has a lot of nice Air-conditioned shopping mall and this is usually my destination just to eat in their affordable food court.   Perdana Botanical Garden is one of the place that is a must to visit, its big and a lot of things to see, there are monkeys roaming around, and squirrels too. Within the area, there are some museums and attractions that require an entrance fee and are expensive especially for the tourist. The prices of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur are different for the tourist and for the locals, the same as Thailand. There are so many places of interest to visit in Kuala Lumpur. I don't go if I need to pay the entrance fee.

    What to wear

    Like other tropical countries in Asia, Malaysia is hot and a bit humid city so expect that you'll be sweating if you stay outside, the temperature is around 20ºc to 30ºc in the daytime. The best time to walk outside is in the morning up to 9 am and in the afternoon from 5pm up to the night as the temperature is just right. Compare to Dubai during the summer. Dubai is very very hot and humid both day and night, but during winter Dubai is amazing. Remember that there are some guest houses and establishments that are not air-conditioned and having just electric fans. A jacket and sweater is okay to wear inside the mall but wearing it outside will make you sweat and will be uncomfortable. I see a lot of European people wearing just a tank top and shorts or summer trousers and a flip plop while walking around. Bring what you need depending on the purpose of your trip.  Remember that rain is also common in Kuala Lumpur so be ready also.

    What I bought in Kuala Lumpur

    One month before leaving Dubai I broke my slipper and decided not to buy because it is expensive. While traveling in Europe I realized that I don't need slipper because shoes are a must while walking around the city as it is cold. When I am in Kuala Lumpur the only thing that I bought there are slipper and hand sanitizer and both of those are cheap. When I left Dubai I brought with me my personal care, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, nail cutter, shaver, cotton buds and for sure there are more if you're a woman. All these things are sure we need during our travel so bring it with you. We are sure that we need to pay for our hotel, food, and transportation and maybe laundry at least we save time and money for having our toiletries with us. Anyway, those are not heavy. It is most of the time finding a place to buy something take a lot of time.

    Travel Insurance

    I bought my travel Insurance from DNATA, it is one of the requirements when you are traveling especially in Europe. This is very important as it keeps you worry-free about money in case of any untoward incident. A travel insurance company does not cover pre-existing conditions.

    Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is a diverse city, the locals are Malay, Indian and Chinese looking people. There are some European ex-pats. They are using Malay or Bahasa, Hindi or Tamil, Chinese and English languages in most of the signboards and instructions. Almost everyone speaks English. Malaysia is a Muslim country but there are Churches and Cathedral, Temple and of course Mosque.

    Extra care

    We need to be careful while we are traveling. The weather, the food, the water, the cleanliness, and everything are not the same in our home. We don't want to be sick while traveling. Check if the local water is drinkable or can be used for brushing teeth. Drink a lot of water in the daytime, wash your hand and use sanitizer before eating. Be careful from bad people.

    Leaving Kuala Lumpur

    I left Kuala Lumpur going to Singapore using an Inter-City Train. It cost only 39 MYR for 10 hours trip on a night train with a double-decker bed. Compare to airplane that takes only around 4 hours including the waiting time in the airport.

    Day of Stop Over in Sri Lanka.

    I booked a  ticket going to Kuala Lumpur few days before our flight going to Europe, is the website that gives us the cheapest ticket flight and hotels in most of our bookings. Some of those are RyanAir flight that there are hidden charges that is not clear until you get to the airports. Hotels that gives you option to sleep without bed cover or rent a bed sheet from the hostels and etc.

    It is required by Sri Lankan immigration for tourist coming to Sri Lanka to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorisation prior to your arrival in their country, It cost around 30USD, but if you are just on a transit and will stay just in the airport there will be no charges. I applied for this ETA Transit.

    From Rome Italy going to Kuala Lumpur I had a more than 20 hours stopover at the Bandaranaike International Airport. I arrived in the airport at around 5 o;clock in the morning and my schedule flight is 01 o;clock the next day. If you think that time is too long you can ask the airline desk if they have the soonest connecting flight going to your destination, In my case I decided to stay and go inside the city. The problem is I don't have visa because my ETA is allowed only for transit so I ask the transfer desk If I can go to the city, There was a bit of confusion at first one of the guy in the transfer desk ask me to speak to the immigration guy he explain that maybe I need to pay 35USD fro the visa, Then the immigration guy refer me to the transfer desk. They ask me to wait.
    I waited and it's like there is no chance. I went to have my breakfast and then I went back to the transfer desk and in there is new lady that explain that maybe if I have a hotel booking to the city they will let me in. I went to the coffee shop, connect to the internet and booked a guest house in Negombo Beach. the guest house is very affordable for 1 night. I printed the guest house booking and take my passport and show it to the immigration officer and he let me in with a stamp of maximum two days stay in Sri Lanka. They didn't ask me any payment.

    From the Airport I walk around 200 meter going to the bus station, along the way there are a lot of Army or police for safety and security. I took a bus going to Negombo bus station and it cost 20 Sri Lankan Rupee. Again I took another bus going to Negombo which I need to get down to the Beach Road where I booked the hostel, it cost 15 SriLankan Rupee. I found the guest house with the friendly staff. He explain things and gives some advices and tips about the place. I went to the beach which is amazing.

    SriLankan people are naturally nice and friendly, most of them speak english so there will be no problem communicating with them. But the same like any other city, be careful that there are also some sort of taxi/van/tuktuk scam. Please observe the situation and don't be a victim.

    Whole Day Walking Around Rome to Vatican.

    Arriving in Rome

    From Milan I took a Train going to Rome Tibortini Central Station, Its a walking distance going to my hostel Rome Scout Center. The guy in the shop helps me with his google map to locate the location of the hostel. I stay in a room with 4 bed and I meet there one guy from Sardinia Italy a backpacker, and two guys from Spain one is a backpacker and one is there for work.

    I booked the hostel from and that was the cheapest based on my standard. The hostel is very clean and I would say this is the best hostel I've stay in Europe. They have facilities like a common room, restaurant, meeting room, etc. on y first day I saw a lot of students staying there for a night, and on the next day I saw people having a seminar on their function room.

    Roaming around the city

    It was still early so I walk nearby my guest house, there are restaurants around the place and noticeable people stay up late. I saw some small grocery staff with Bangladeshi. I will not forget I saw a lot of Condom Vendo Machine.                 The next day my plan is just to walk around the city but it is quite not easy as most people doesn't speak English. I ask several people until I found a lady who can speak English. Learning how to use the Train System is a must to learn. Like Milan, they have several train lines that will bring you to a different location. If you are a tourist it maybe takes a while before you learn how to get the ticket but it will be easy because there is an English translation on the machine how to get the ticket.

    The Colosseum Station was my first stop and I think this is the busiest station because when you get out of the station you will see already the very popular Colosseum. There's a lot of people walking and looking around. They have a charging station and water refilling station which is nice as it gives convenience to the tourist. There is an entrance fee if you want to get inside the Colosseum and for sure it's a good experience, otherwise, you just walk around because there is so much more to see within the area. I didn't go inside instead I just walk around and see those old structures and things from the old civilization. The place is very big and along the road, you will see the Forum, The Spanish Steps and there is also a different museum within the area but like always there is a fee.

    These buildings with very narrow roads that I see in the movie? I found it just a few distances from the Spanish Steps. You're not going to see it if you follow the big buses road. The place is hidden within the shops and restaurant, Try to find it because the feeling is different when you get there. The place is also commercialized with restaurants and shops but the outside appearance is preserved from its originality.

    I keep on walking and I see the high street where signature branded shops and restaurants are located. Just by walking and you will see the sign to see the other places of interest like The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and so much more. I actually get to see those things without having a map and not knowing the name of the Place. Most of this place is located between Colosseo and Piazza del Popolo, which is long and wide but full of excitement if you just walk.

    At the end of Piazza del Popolo, most of the buildings are the normal building and houses and still a lot of shops and restaurant, I keep on walking and when I get tired I stop in one bus stop. I met there a Filipina, we speak a bit and finally, she told me that the Vatican is near and can be reached by just walking. She even advises me to just walk because along the way I will see a lot of things. " so if you are lost in Italy and you see a Filipino try to ask him or her the locations or any Infos, because Filipinos speak English and most of these Filipinos lives and work in Italy. most Italians don't speak English.

    I reach the Vatican and it was amazing. The feeling is awesome. There is one incident of pickpocketing from a Japanese couple but the good thing is the Police catch the guy and recover the wallet of the Japanese couple.

    I was walking for the whole day and exploring the city, it was dark when I get back to the Colosseo Station and took trains going back to Tibortini Central station and walk to my hostel.

    The following days I used the trains several times to go and eat in ordinary places.

    Success Story ng Domestic Helper at OFW

    There maybe people dreams of becoming a carpenter or a salesman but I don't think there is person dreamed of becoming a Domestic Helper.

    From Domestic Helper to CEO Story.

    Tagpuan ng mga Pinoy sa Abroad

    It is very common to see Filipinos in every countries McDonalds, KFC, Jollibee, and other Fast-food or restaurant na malapit sa puso ng bawat Filipino. Ito madalas yong nagiging tagpuan nating mga Pinoy sa ibat-ibang bansa.

    St. John Cathedral. Ito ang tagpuan ng mga kababayan nating Filipino na nagtatrabaho sa Kuala Lumpur, mapapansin na nagkakaron ng tiangge sa mga bangketa sa paligid ng Cathedral at napupuno din ng mga Filipina ang mga restaurant dito tuwing araw ng Linggo. Kanya kanyang kwento at tawanan at ang iba naman eh nag ne negosyo.

    Orchard Road. Ang Orchard Road naman sa Singapore eh ganon din ang scenario lalo na sa araw ng Linggo. Napupuno din ng mga kababayan natin ang lugar kung saan naglalakihan ang mga shopping mall. Kapansin pansin din ang ka sweetan ng mga kababayan nating pinay kasama ang mga nobyo nilang ibang lahi.

    Hongkong Central. Natural na sa ating mga Filipino ang pagiging masayahin kaya naman ganyan din ang sitwasyon sa Hongkong Central tuwing araw ng Linggo.

    Success Story

    Isa si Ms. Xyza Cruz Bacani sa mga kababayan natin na nagtatrabaho sa Hongkong bilang isang kasambahay, pero sa halip na tumambay sa Hongkong Central or matulog maghapon eh mas ginugusto nyang gawin ang kanyang libangan at yan ang Photography.

    "When I'm wearing my camera, I'm not a helper anymore, I'm an ordinary girl. It's a way of protection because when you're a helper here there is a kind of stereotyping that they do"

    "Pag dala ko ang camera ko, hindi na ako katulong, ordinaryong babae ako. Parang proteksyon ko kase ito, kase pag katulong ka parang iba ang tingin sa yo ng ibang tao"

    Kilala si Xyza sa black&white street photography katulad ng 2014 Hong Kong  Street Protest sa Central, ganon din ang kuha ng mga larawan ukol sa buhay ng ibang domestic helpers. At dahil sa angkin nyang talento, katayuan sa buhay at sa mga kuha nyang larawan, Xyza Cruz Bacani was chosen para mag aral sa New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She is one of the seven people from different country selected by the Human Rights Fellows by the Magnum Foundation.

    Sa kasalukuyan eh isa sya sa BBC100 Women of 2015.

    BBC100 Women 2015[/caption]

    Bilang isang Filipino na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa, alam natin na ang tanging dahilan ay ang kahirapan sa Pilipinas kaya napipilitan tayong iwanan ang mga mahal natin sa buhay.  Alam natin na hindi pang habambuhay ang pagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa lalo na nga kung alam natin na walang namang pag angat or magandang future ang isang trabaho na katulad nga ng pagiging Domestic Helper, waitress, factory worker at kung ano ano pa.

    Kung sakali na kabilang tayo sa ganitong proffession bigyan natin ang sarili natin ng pagkakataon na gawin ang bagay na sa palagay natin eh makakatulong sa ikakabuti ng ating future. Ang internet eh isang mabisang paraan para madagdagan ang ating kaalaman para sa magandang kinabukasan and at the same time eh para kumita ng extra income.

    May mga tutorial, may mga blog of experiences, may mga online school, may sari spring mga instruction at procedure kung papaano makaalis sa pagiging domestic helper. Walang masama sa pagiging domestic helper pero ang ganitong profession eh walang pag angat, walang pag asenso at malayo sa pamilya.

    Source:wikipedia, XyzaCruzBacani

    Most visited city, Milan Italy

    Italy is one of the most visited country in the world, for an Asian like me, when you say Europe I will first think of Italy, Rome and Paris.

    From Belgium we travel to Milan via Ryan Air. My buddy's cousin pick us up in the airport with their car and we stay in their apartment. They are very nice people, very hospitable and helped us even up to the point of extending our Schengen visa. They are amazing. Thank you very much Marian, Ana, Jaafer and Tita Roase and to the Italian guy Alessandro. thank you.

    I never had a chance to go around the city alone because the guys are very happy accompanying us in most of the tourist spots in Milan. They even pay for most of our dining and trips. One day I will treat them the best I can.

    Quit the job to travel the world, and it was the best decision ever.

    How to be successful OFW

    I don't recommend to my young fellow Filipinos to go to work abroad as Nanny, Domestic Helper, Sales Lady/Man, Service Crew, etc. . Yong mga ganitong trabaho kadalasan eh walang pag angat or promotion na maaasahan. Pero if this jobs are just stepping stone then it's okay. Anyway success is measured by happiness.

    Marami sa ating mga Filipino na dahil sa hirap ng buhay at baba ng sweldo sa Pilipinas eh napipilitang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa.

    My abroad Story

    Isa rin akong dating OFW na sa kasalukuyan eh naghahanap ng trabaho bilang kusinero at itong pagsusulat at pag s share ng buhay at travel vlog ang kasalukuyang pinag kaka abalahan ko.

    Pumunta ako sa Dubai noong 2008 sa pamamagitan ng isang recruitment agency sa Pilipinas para magtrabaho bilang isang kusinero sa Four Season Golf Club sa Dubai. Ang sweldo ko doon eh 1700 Dirhams. Medyo maluho ako kaya bili muna ako ng mga bagay na gusto ko at nakapag travel din ako sa HongKong, Thailand at Singapore.

    Nagsarado ang Four Season at nag take over ang management ng Intercontinental Hotel Group. Marami sa mga kasabayan ko ang umuwi sa Pilipinas at ilan lang kami na nag stay, bumaba ang sweldo ko from 1700 Dirhams to 1200 Dirhams dahil depende sa company, at ang minimum wages law sa Dubai during that time is around 1000 Dirham.

    In the same profession I move to Armani Hotel and started again as a Commis 2 with the salary of 1100 Dirhams pero may additional na service charges, tips and bonus. Magandang company ang Armani Hotel, I like the management, I like the people, I love my job and I love the life I am having. There are some problems and arguments but those are part of work and life. I was promoted and raised my salary several times.

    During that time I manage to save and wasted money. Nag invest ako sa isang condominium unit sa Pilipinas  pero hindi ko naituloy at nasayang ang kalahati ng naihulog ko. I bought things mostly i want and not I need. We eat in a nice restaurant and we travel. But the good thing is I was able to share some to my family.

    Bagaman at naging maayos, magaan, masaya ang buhay ko sa Dubai eh tuloy pa rin ang buhay at tuloy pa rin ang pangarap ng mas magandang buhay. At kapag handa na tayo both financially at emotionally eh madali lang naman iwanan ang Dubai.

    Sa batch namin halos lahat ng nag stay eh magaganda na ang posisyon sa trabaho ngayon sa Dubai at sa ibang panig ng mundo. Mga kasabayan kong waiter noon eh Restaurant Manager na ngayon, mga kasabayan kong Diswasher eh mababangis na Chef na ngayon. Nakakahinayang  isipin na yong ibang umuwi sa Pilipinas noon eh parang nagsisismula pa lang ulit ngayon.

    Hindi pa naman tapos ang buhay eh, habang may buhay eh may pag asa. Kailangan lang eh gumagawa ng paraan para abutin ano man yong gustong mangyari sa buhay.

    I am not successful, I am just happy.


    Ilang suggestion para okay ang buhay sa abroad.

    1. Be a good person. In general, Filipino workers are likeable dahil sa ugali at sipag natin sa trabaho. Pero yong iba eh mabilis ma promote sa trabaho dahil naturally eh angat sila sa ibang tao in some aspect, hindi ka dapat ma inggit, pero pwede mong e improve sarili mo.

    2. Save more and spend some. Most of the company abroad provide free food, transportation and accommodation to their staff. Madalas na gastos lang naman talaga sa abroad ng mga pinoy eh pagkain at luho.

    3. Save some send some. Huwag mong ipadala lahat ng sweldo mo sa pamilya sa Pilipinas. Send just what your family need. Alam mo naman kung paano e budget dahil nong nasa Pilipinas ka pa kahit maliit ang sweldo mo eh napapagkasya naman.

    4. Save by yourself. Bukod don sa pinapadala mo sa pamilya mo sa Pilipinas mag save ka din dyan. You can use that for your future plan.

    5. Reward your self. Sometimes dapat mong rewardan ang sarili mo, buy things you need and you want na sa palagay mo eh makakatulong para hindi ka malungkot habang nasa abroad.

    6. Do not quit quickly. Marami sa mga OFW ang sumusuko kaagad dahil sa pagka homesick, pagka miss sa pamilya. Yong iba naman eh nahihirapan sa trabaho, tiis lang muna dahil ma mamaster mo din yan after few days or weeks or month madali lang yan. And tiis lang din muna dyan sa mabaho, pangit or masamang ugali na kasama sa trabaho, makakasanayan mo rin yang mga yan.

    7. Find a better salary or better job. Kapag gusto natin yong trabaho natin we do the job really well, at kapag okay ang sweldo napapabuti natin ang trabaho. Sa ganitong sitwasyon magkakaron tayo ng financial freedom.

    8. Another source of Income. Kung marami ka ng naipon magplano ka na ng negosyo, at kung wala ka pa namang ipon eh mag isip ka ng another source of income na pwede mong gawin on your free time, Internet is a big help.

    9. Keep Going. Minsan hindi tayo nagtatagumpay sa mga gusto natin sa buhay, just keep going dahil life is good na na e experience natin ang lahat ng klase ng buhay.

    10. Keep yourself Healthy. Health is wealth, mahirap magtrabaho kapag may sakit. Eat and drink right, do some exercise and be happy.



    image screen shoot from

    May masasamang Tao sa Airport. Mag ingat.

    Laglag Bala sa NAIA

    Nakakalungkot isipin ang mga pangyayari sa Pilipinas, Isa ang laglag bala sa mga bagay na kinatatakutan ko kung sakaling uuwi ako sa Pilipinas. Masakit mang isipin pero ang mga bagay na ito eh intentional na gawain ng ibang tao para kumita ng pera. May maayos na trabaho na sana sila pero hinahaluan pa nila ng panlalamang sa kapwa para lamang madagdagan ang kanilang kita.                                                                                                               Maraming Pilipino ang walang trabaho sa Pilipinas, karamihan dito eh umaasa sa padala ng kamag anak na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. At ngayon bibiktimahin nila itong OFW na kung iisipin eh maapiktuhan din yong mga taong umaasa sa kanya. Napaka makasarili nitong mga taong ito sa NAIA na gumagawa ng ganito kasamang panlalamang sa kapwa.

    Pocket Knife sa DXB

    Noong umalis ako sa Dubai, naisama ko sa pouch ng mga charger at electronics accessories yong Victorinox pocket knife ko na nakalagay sa backpack na hand carry ko sa eroplano, na scan ito ng Dubai Police sa Xray machine ng airport. Hindi ko natatandaan na nandon yon hinanap ng Pulis at kinuha lang nila at ako ay malayang nakalipad papunta sa Europe without any question.

    Pocket Knife vs Bullet (Bala)

    Ang knife being a knife is ready to kill people, pero ang bala bagamat delikado rin eh kailangan pa nito ng baril para maka pinsala ng matindi. Ano ba ang posible na magagawa ng bala kung wala namang baril?

    Ngayon na alam na natin na may masasamang tao sa NAIA, at walang ginagawang sulusyon ang pamahalaan or kahit na mayron pa man eh kailangan pa rin nating mag ingat. Kung sakaling pupunta tayo sa Airport para sumakay ng eroplano o kung ano pa man dapat nating e consider and comfortability natin sa pagdadala ng mga bagahe or kahit na anong bag. Consider doing the following.

    1. Choose the bag or maleta na walang gaanong pitak or bulsa.

    2. Double check the content of your bag bago lumabas ng bahay.

    3. Double check ulit pag dating sa airport bago isalang sa Xray Machine ang Maleta, Bag at pati na rin ang bulsa ng suot mong damit at pantalon.

    4. Ibalot ng Cling Film or Plastic wrapper ang maleta for added security, bago umalis ng bahay or bago ito ipasok sa Xray machine. Some of this wrapper comes with insurance katulad sa Dubai.

    5. Keep an eye on your bags/ luggage habang ipinapasok ito sa Xray machine. Ganon na din sa mga tao na lumalapit sa yo ingat sa kanila.

    6. You just need to be careful and dapat may knowledge ka din sa mga bagay na dapat at hindi dapat, kung ano ang mabuti, kung ano ang okay lang at kung ano ang hindi talaga pwede.
    Itong mga masasamang tao na ito eh humahanap ng pagkakataon sa mga taong akala nila eh malalamangan nila.

    Ingat Kabayan, Happy trip.

    Belgium The Centre of European Union

    Belgium is Amazing, Almost everything in here are like a Castle.

    Feel Unsafe

    We reach Belgium via Ryan Air from Oslo then we take bus going to Brussels. It was late night and very few people when we reach the Central Station. There are some people who I think are not locals and are insisting of offering something that makes my buddy a bit worried about the place.                                                                                                                                    We get out from the station and it was far different from what I've seen in Oslo. The environment feels not safe for us. We became aware of our surroundings and the people. Instead of going to our booked hotel we decided to check-in in any hotel. The first three hotels are full until we found one that is 50 euro for each of us because they have just 2 single small room.

    We found a family

    Tourism in Brussels is also huge, we are having breakfast together with more than 20 people in the cafeteria which I think are also a tourist from other european city.                                     After a few minutes the Filipino friend of our friend arrives to pick us up and guide to the city. But this guy is very good guy he go with us in our booked hotel and he decided to cancel the booking and instead he let us stay in his apartment together with his family. I am amazed and have great respect to Kuya Christopher, ate Ana and their kids CJ and Ian. Thank you very Much. Your family are amazing.


    In our very first day with kuya Christopher he bring us to the city tourist spots and he teach us how to use the trains and the trams so the next days was easy for me and my buddy to roam around the city. There are some places in Brussels that needs to be careful and be aware. Basically it is the people that makes the place scary. But most of the places are amazing. Castles and churches everywhere, Parks are huge and green, Trees everywhere.                         Atomium is a must to visit, it is a building, a structure that shapes like a sets of atoms. Inside these atoms are restaurant, gallery and museum and a viewing deck. Nearby is theme park called Mini Europe and another one is a waterpark called Oceade. There is also a park that is almost like a forest.


    Bruges or Brugge is another city in Belgium that we reach by a train from Brussels. The place is amazing with a lot of trees in the beginning and then all the houses and castles and churches have amazing structures and are looks just the one I see in the fairytale movies. The trees are started to fall and having different colour, The canals are beautifully design with some boats, and ducks and birds playing. There are parks and a lot of al fresco restaurant. In here we tried to eat the famous french fries and beef stew. In Brussels we ate the Belgian waffle.


    We just get in to Antwerp because it is one of our connecting city going to Amsterdam. Antwerp is another amazing city with amazing castles and churches. The Antwerp Central Station is huge that is looks like a castle if you are outside. In Antwerp we found a Filipino flag and we checked and it is a Filipino and Vietnamese Shop. We also saw a lot of shops selling gold products and accessories in Antwerp.

    Amsterdam Freedom. My Favorite City in Europe

    Most Bike Friendly City in Europe

    Train-Bus-Train to Netherland

    We reach Amsterdam via train travel from Brussels Belgium, We had three transfer started with Italo Train that stop in Antwerp, then we take a bus going to the Eindhoven Train Station and then we take another Train going to the Amsterdam Central Station and then we took Tram and get down to find our hostel.

    Du Welcome Us

    Upon reaching the Netherland  we received a text message from Du network (because we are still using our UAE sim card) welcoming us to Netherland. The first impression is nice, wide roads, greenery along the way and nice looking houses and buildings.

    Huge Tourism

    When we reach the Amsterdam Central Station theres a lot of people and is easy to understand that tourism is huge in Amsterdam. As an asian we are easy to recognise as a tourist but these european tourist are even asking us the direction. Here I understand that people in Europe are partially expecting that everyone have knowledge about the place.

    Triple Decker Bed Hostel

    We stay in a hostel, dormitory style with triple decker bed that can accommodate 14 people, and all bed are occupied. The hostel has a cafeteria/lounge, a terrace and toilet in the room. There is just one guy sleeping in the room when we reach the place. It's still early so we just drop our luggage and went outside to eat and roam around. 10pm when we get back, we switched On the lights and some guys started to move meaning we disturbed them. We quickly and quietly remove our shoes and go straight to bed. Some people are still coming and I understand and appreciate that these people still respect the others by carefully not making noise going to their bed. The room is mix with men and women mostly young traveler.

    The City

    The city is amazing. houses are nice, trees everywhere, parks are green and flowery, the canal and bridge with the plants and natural flower looks beautiful, a lot of castles around, museums everywhere, coffee shops, cafe and restaurant here and there. No heavy traffic as most people are having their bicycle. I am in-love with Amsterdam. It's absolutely beautiful for me.

    The People

    When I was in Dubai there are two ladies from Netherland working with us in the Hotel and they look different as one is blond and the other one is a asian looking and are both beautiful and attractive. And I saw a lot of like them in Netherland. People in general in Netherland are nice.

    Freedom in Amsterdam

    I think people in Amsterdam are happy. I felt that there is big freedom for the people to do anything that will make them happy. I know soft drugs are allowed in Netherland but I never notice it affecting the attitude of the user towards the other. I think these people knows their boundary.

    Fake Police Scam in Amsterdam, Be Careful.

    Me and my friend went to Amsterdam, On our very first night of strolling the city we have been spotted by the Fake Amsterdam Police. They are wearing civilian and are in a group of 2 or three.

    This is the scenario.

    One guy Arabic/Indian looking guy asked us a direction going to a hotel, We said we don't know then he explain that he is a tourist and then he ask for a picture with my friend. While taking the picture the Fake Amsterdam Police arrives. He shows his Fake Police ID and then started to asked about our passport. First he asked the Arabic/Indian looking guy about his Dollar and he said he just have Euro and the Fake Amsterdam Police let the guy go. Then he started to asked about our Dollar and we said we don't have and we show to him that we have just Euro. Then another Fake Amsterdam Police Comes insisting to open our bag, looking for a Dollar and then later on asking for Drugs. He keeps on asking a Dollar and trying to take my Euro. I take it back and started to walk away.

    Both of us are worried because his picture is in the iPhone of the Fake Tourist. We are walking fast and obviously we are trying to hide from this Fake Amsterdam Police. We are already on the other street but on our way I saw this Fake Amsterdam Police waving his hand to the fake Amsterdam Tourist, I pretend that I didn't see them when they look at me.

    We decided to go to Amsterdam Police Station to report the incident but we didn't  found any, so we just speak to the police roaming in the Amsterdam Central Station. We told them what happened that we are worried about the picture. The real Police show his ID and a Police Badge, then we realised that the Fake Amsterdam Police doesn't have a badge.

    We get home and and checked on the internet if there are the same incidents happened before. And yes there are lot's of the same incidents. And we learned more scams that are now going on in Amsterdam.

    Common target of this Fake Police in Amsterdam are Asians because they think asians prefer to have Dollar instead of Euro.

    Things like this is happening not only in Amsterdam. So be careful and be cautious.

    Oslo Norway Modern City

    I thought Dubai is the most modern city these days, and I was wrong when I went to Oslo. Oslo is more modern. It started at Oslo Airport where the design of the building is amazing. The Airport is connected via train all the way to the Oslo central station. Their train has a double-decker carriage, clean and with free wifi access.
    Cashless form of purchasing even in Mc Donald's and in ordinary store, You don't even need to give your card to the cashier. No heavy traffic as most of people is walking. Trams, trains and buses arrive on time. Streets are the shopping mall.

    People are disciplined, the city is organized, for sure good governance. I don't feel any discrimination.

    The weather is amazing.

    Filipino in Norway

    Similar to Dubai, its train system is also powered by a prepaid travel card. You can travel using the card by public buses and trains going to their suburbs.
    Bygdoy is one of the suburbs that we visit, in there we've seen a nude beach.

    Norway is known for its cold weather, lucky that we went there with just a nice temperature and no snow.

    Dubai to Oslo with Cancelled Visa.

    We ate in my previous restaurant before leaving Dubai, we say goodbye to our friends and we headed to the airport.

     I am a bit worried because my Dubai residence visa is canceled and I am going to Europe and not in my home country. But everything went well  and I made it to the airplane.

    We have a connecting flight at Istanbul. Istanbul is not part of the EU and Schengen Visa is not applied. I was warned by the immigration security that my chances of getting inside Norway as my port of entry is 50/50 because my Schengen visa was processed by the Italian Embassy and according to him I should make Italy as my port of entry. I was a bit worried because according to him the Norway immigration police might cancel my visa and send me back to the Philippines. My courage brings me to Norway.

    At Norway passport control the immigration asks me "what brings you to Norway" I told him that I and my friend are here for a tour and will be staying just for three days. (My friend is a frequent Europe traveler so immigration has no problem to him) then I show my hotel bookings, flight tickets and explain the full itinerary with the supporting documents. And then he let me in.

    A Big Wow. Oslo Norway is Amazingly peaceful and clean. It may be expensive to live here but I would say that it's worth it. 

    Manila in Dubai

    If Chinese have Chinatown, ganon din ang mga Filipino sa ibat ibang mga siyudad. Dito sa Dubai subrang dami ng Filipino restaurant at establishments na makikita. Ito ang Manila of Dubai.





    Dubai Hidden Beach

    I love walking in the streets of Dubai, You'll going to see a lot of things that you don't normally see when you are always in the car. You get to know the details of what this street is having.

    For the second time I ride the Dubai tram from the Jumeira Lakes Tower Station and as usual, you'll get to see the nice view of the Marina and Media city area. I get down to the last station which is the Al Sufouh. From Al Sufouh Station you can see the Burj Al Arab and you will be tempted to just walk to get there, but still, it is around 40 minutes' walk.

    In Al Sufouh Road, aside from the sidewalk, there is also a bike lane a jogging path and there is already a rail waiting for the future trip of the train there.

    I also found this public beach that is hidden and most of the people going there are with the car.


    How to Apply Schengen Visa if you are in Dubai

    Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and Athens, these are some of the city in Europe that I wanted to see in person. But Being a Filipino we need a Schengen Visa (Tourist Visa) to be able to get there.

    Dahil Italy ang pinaka gusto kong puntahan, hinanap ko sa google kung papaano ako makakapag apply ng Tourist visa papunta sa Italy. I learned that CKGS or Cox and Kings Global Services ang opisyal na aplayan ng Schengen Visa ng Italy dito sa Dubai. Their office is located sa tabi ng Sofitel Hotel katabi ng Dubai Mall Metro Station.

    I visit their website I checked the requirements and then I book an online appointment also from their website.. Sa pag se set ng online appointment you need to fill up forms online, you will need your passport details.

    I collect all the requirements needed,  this includes:

    • *Filled up application form that can be downloaded from their website.

    • *Passport original and 1 photocopy

    • *1 Passport Photo

    • *Photocopy of Emirates ID

    • *Photocopy previous Schengen, USA, UK Visa if you have.

    • *No Objection Certificate from local sponsor or employer (Certificate of Employment)

      It should mention:

      1 Name and designation of the applicant
      2 Name and designation of the managerial signatory 3 Applicant's monthly salary
      4 Start of employment date
      5 No objection on travel to Italy

    • *Bank Statement of Account

    • *Confirmed Hotel Booking

    • *Copy of flight booking

    • *Medical Travel Insurance minimum coverage of 30,000euro. I bought the travel insurance from Dnata for 99 Dirhams, valid for 1 month and non refundable.

    I requested a certificate of employment from our HR, they normally know kung para sa visa application etc.

    My Bank statement is from Emirates NBD and I have a balance of around 2000 AED nong nag request ako. I also print my Banco de Oro Bank Statement gamit ang online banking ko.

    I booked a hotel na pweding e cancel ng walang bayad, ganon din ang flight.

    Then pumunta ako sa araw ng appointment dala ang kumpletong requirements, eksaktong pambayad na 650 Dirhams, bagamat pweding magbayad gamit ang credit or debit card.

    Nag electronic finger print ako doon, tinanong ng kunti at pagkatapos eh pinaliwanag na maaring abutin ng up to seven working days ang proseso ng visa application.

    Remember na kukuhanin nila ang passport para e ikabit doon ang Schengen visa sakaling ma approve ito.

    Nakakatuwa na after three days eh na receive ko via courier ang passport ko na nakakabit ang Schengen Visa.  Naka indicate don yong validity ng visa and up to 20 days lang ako allow na mag stay sa Schengen country.

    Minsan pag gusto talaga natin ang isang bagay eh kinakailngan talagang gumastos at mag take ng risk.

    This is my personal experience, if you want to know more please visit Cox and Kings General Services for Italy Schengen Visa Application

    Ramadan Lunch Buffet 2015

    Ramadan has started and let's support and respect our fellow Muslim. Please don't eat, drink or smoke in front of them, don't make them upset, Remember that they are fasting, they don't eat in the daytime.

    So yesterday is father's day, we went to eat in a Filipino restaurant in Asiana Hotel in Deira Dubai. They have a very delicious Filipino dishes in the buffet. I tried everything from pansit to crispy pata, longanisa, daing na bangos, pakbet, fried rice, pork sisig, menudo, dimsum, sushi, insalata, itlog na maalat, maja blanka ata marami pang iba. I almost eat the lingua, i learned that it's a tongue of a cow. I don't like.

    Ramadan Lunch Buffet Vlog

    It's a holy month of ramadan and all the restaurant are closed in the daytime, some maybe open but those are just for take away food. Going out to the mall is not a good idea there will be no place to eat except the restaurant of the hotels. Most hotels restaurant are open but food their are expect to be expensive than the usual.

    Dubai Mall Food Court is open for non fasting people at 12 o clock in the afternoon.

    Dubai Mall Complete Tour

    USA, The Philippines, Canada, Istanbul, China, Thailand and UAE are home of some of the most amazing shopping Mall in the world. Most of the shopping Mall in this country are extraordinary with the facilities they have. This article explains "Amazing Shopping Mall"

    Dubai Mall have been a part of my life, it's just a few meters from my work. I go there at least once  a week.  I can say that I am very much familiar on where to find this and that, where is the short cut to get there and blah blah blah.

    Electronics shops, coffee shops and grocery are my most visited part of Dubai Mall. For first timer in Dubai Mall for sure they'll amazed with the Giant Aquarium, The Falls, The Fountain, The Burj Khalifa, The huge Ice Skating Rink, amusement park etc.

    Please watch this Dubai Mall and the rest of my Dubai Vlog

    Cheap Dubai Bus Tour

    I have been living here in Dubai for more than five years now,  But just last week when I able to see and experience the Palm Jumeira. Palm Jumeira is a Palm Tree like man made island here in Dubai it is compose of Residences, Shopping Mall Beach Clubs, Hotels and Private Beach.

    I always wanted to ride this Dubai Big Bus Tour but I found it very expensive. It's around 250 AED for a day trip around Dubai.Then I found this Dubai Easytour Bus which is cheaper than  Dubai Big Bus, and it goes to the place that I never been before.

    Metro Manila Compare to other city of the world.

    I did a lot of walking when I was residing in the Philippines before. During my day off you'll always see me on the street of Metro Manila just walking around, windows shopping, sightseeing and just wondering the everyday different scenario of Metro Manila Street.

    Most foreigners/tourists skip Metro Manila because of the reputation being noisy, traffic and chaotic. They usually stay for a night in Metro Manila then head over to their beach destination.

    I like Metro Manila, Metro Manila is not boring. Like what I said every day is different in Manila, it is expect the unexpected city. Walking around sure you are going to be greeted by the kids, people. you'll see a street party, a beauty pageant, a karaoke scene, etc.

    Comparing to Bangkok in Thailand, Bangkok has many cultural tourist spots within the city.
    Comparing to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur is more diverse with people of different cultures lives in the city.
    Comparing to Singapore, Singapore is looking like a compact modern city.
    Comparing to European City, Europe is beautiful because of their old culture, those beautiful castles, old buildings, old churches, and colorful trees.

    Lets walk around the Ayala Center, the business center of Makati.

    Mango Salad

    Most of the salad especially abroad are eaten as a starter, and these are usually cold vegetable or leaves with a lemon, vinegar or just olive oil as a dressing. Mix green salad is the most popular of all the salad.

    Salad like Macaroni, Chicken Salad, Gulaman or gelatin base salad are very popular in the Philippines and we usually eat it anytime of the day without thinking of starter, middle or main course as they do in Europe or America.

    Mango Pandan is my favorite and I learned how to do it when I was working at The French Baker, Basically its just a mixture of condensed milk, nestle cream, alsa gulaman or any gelatin, nata de coco or macapono and then the mango cube.

    The Taste is Amazing.

    Clubbing in Dubai

    There are so many bars and night clubs in Dubai, Where I usually go is of course in the Filipino bar.  Total entertainment is going on inside, Filipino bar is not like other bar with just live loud music. Filipino bar has live singers and dancers on stages.

    Club Seven at Park Regis Hotel is one of my favourite because it has a big dance floor and continues live music and performances. The ladies are beautiful too.

    GoPro Hero Problem

    I have SJ4000 and it's amazing, it has a screen, it takes a very nice picture and amazing video. The fact that it doesn't have a WiFi is maybe the reason why I bought a GoPro Hero 3+ black edition.

    I have Canon EOS 600D, Samsung DV100, Sj4000 and of course my iPhone as a cameras. But I don't exactly know why I am very much tempted to buying a GoPro. Well, GoPro is very compact, looks good and takes the best video. GoPro in Dubai is around 1500 Dirhams and that is expensive.

    So I bought a second-hand GoPro for 1000 Dirhams. The guy said he is bankrupt and he needs money that is why he is selling it. I met him in Burj Al Arab he is an intern there.

    These is some of my complaints with my GoPro Hero 3+ Balck Edition.

    1.Green and pink color in low lights/room/night
    2.Old TV effect when start recording
    3.Heating when WiFi is ON

    I checked for a possible solution to fix the problem, I tried the hard reset, I bought a new micro SD card and there are no changes with the video quality...the same problem. Then finally I downgraded it to the original version of Hero 3+ and it never switches ON again.

    I ask the guy if he still has the receipt so I can get the shop warranty but then he lost it. I don't want to cause a problem to him so..... nevermind

    I never experienced those things with my SJ4000, And I realized the advantage of having an LCD screen of SJ4000 to easily see the video that I just recorded.

    I don't understand why I STILL WANTED A GoPro.


    Sandstorm in Dubai

    Sandstorm in Dubai normally occurs when the weather is changing from winter to summer or vice versa. Yesterday April 2 , 2015 I wake up with the brown color of the air (looks like instagram filter). I went outside and I can literally inhale some sand.

    It gives around 50 meters zero visibility that sometimes caused of road accidents.

    I was at the gate of Burj Khalifa (The world tallest building) and I can't even see the base floor of the building, not even a shadow.

    The first part of the video was taken during the sandstorm yesterday without any color adjustment. It's naturally brown because of the sands. The later part was taken three days ago and it was fogging in Dubai, Fogging is normal in the winter and usually in the morning.

    Philippine Shopping Mall Has a Shower

    Subrang init na naman sa Pilipinas, Minsan fresh na fresh ka pag alis mo ng bahay pero dahil sa napaka polluted na hangin at sa mainit na klima sa Maynila ay feeling dugyot ka na makakarating sa school, sa office or sa Mall na pupuntahan mo.

    Nitong nakaraang January 2015 eh galing ako sa Quezon province papunta sa Maynila papuntang Dubai. So dahil ang plano ko eh sa SM mall of asia na lang ako magpapalipas ng oras at mamili na rin ng pasalubong para sa mga kaibigan sa Dubai. Hindi naman mainit nitong January kaso itong bus na naskyan ko eh hindi airconditioned  kaya naman pagkarating ko sa Mall of Asia eh feeling dugyot na rin ako dahil syempre sa alikabok.

    Mabuti na lang at may Shower Room pala sa SM mall of Asia kaya naman presko ang pakiramdam ko sa pagbili ng pasalubong hanggang sa makabalik ako ng Dubai.

    Touring Dubai from Dubai International Airport

    Like Singapore and Hong Kong you can also travel Dubai via Dubai Metro Train from the airport. Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 are directly connected to the metro station.

    Don't worry about the luggage, there are spaces designed for suitcases and big baggage.

    For a 20 AED Nol Card  partially loaded of around 15 AED  you can already take the train and see the beauty of Dubai from the panoramic windows of the train.  Almost every shopping malls are also connected to every train station. 

    Every train station has a feeder bus, and a taxi that will bring you to your destination. 

    Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab are sure to see when you are in the train.

    Departing at Dubai International Airport DXB

    This is how Dubai International Airport looks, They have a lot of facilities that will make you enjoy your moment before or after your flight. Duty Free Shops are huge with a lot of international brands of stuff. Restaurant of different cuisine to satisfy your hunger, a hotel inside that airport to relax, use the gym, have a massage and swim on the swimming pool. Dubai International Airport means Luxury Travel.

    Paano Kumuha ng OEC o Balik Manggagawa

    Huling uwi ko sa Pilipinas eh noong August 2012 pa, kaya i checked sa internet kung papaano ang bagong pagkuha ng "Balik Manggagawa or OEC", Nakita ko naman kaagad at napakadali at bukod don eh murang mura. Kung dati rati eh mahigit 100AED, eh nitong umuwi ako sa Pilipinas nitong January 2015 eh 100PHP lang.

    So...very easy.

    1.Go to

    2.Register by filling up the form

    3.Upload a recent picture to your profile

    4.Click set an appointment  -  You can select the timing and location of the office where you want to take the Balik Manggagawa.

    5.Print your Balik Manggagawa appointment.

    So nong umuwi ako sa Pilipinas pumunta ako sa POEA Ortigas Center dahil yon nga ang appointment na pinili ko, pero nakalimutan ko ipa print yong appointment ko.

    Mabuti na lang na doon pala sa POEA e pwede kang doon mismo mag register dahil may computer na nakalaan doon. Pero dahil naka register na ako eh nag login na lang ako at nag print na lang ako ng appointment slip ko.

    6.Then pumunta ako sa Teller- kinabitan ng number yong appointment ko at pina diritso ako sa express counter ng "Balik Manggagawa.

    7.Binigay ko yong appointment ko, my passport and a passport photo copy and my UAE Emirates ID. then ini update nya yong details ng info ko sa POEA.

    8.Binigyan nya ako ng payment slip na 100PHP para magbayad sa cashier

    9.Then ipinaliwanag nya sa akin na next time na kukuha ako ng "balik mangagawa  or OEC" eh hindi ko na kailangan pumunta sa opisina at ang pagbabayad ay pwede na ring bayaran online or wester union.

    9.Dumiritso ako sa cashier at nagbayad ng 100PHP.

    Nakakatuwa dahil napaka bilis at maayos ang proseso. Pero yong mga tao na doon mismo sa POEA nagreregister eh subrang haba ng pila. Yong 15 minutes ko sa POEA eh katumbas ng seguro mga 5 hours nila don sa pila.

    So nong pabalik na ako sa Dubai, Dahil nag online checked-in na ako 24 hours pa lang bago yong flight ko eh Passport at "Balik Manggagawa or OEC" na lang ang pinakita ko sa Check in counter, then to the OFW counter, then to the immigration officer up to the departure...Oh Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino are in the same flight with me.

    Well Done Philippine Government Service. Thank you.

    Reliable Online Shopping in Dubai

    Dubai Online Shop

    There are so many online shop here in Dubai, Most of them are actually based or at least have an office here in the UAE. Most of these online shop have a contact infos that you'll found below their website.

    Things I Bought from Dubai Online Shop.

    Stuff from the online shop are cheaper, that is one of the reason why I buy things online, Second is the availability, some of the stuff that I bought online are not available in the mall, or i didn't see them in the shops.

    • SJ4000 Action/Sports Camera.
    SJ4000 is the best cheap alternative to GoPro Hero, I bought 1 brand new from Souq.Com for only 400 AED. Remember that GoPro is more or less 1500 AED in the Dubai / UAE. SJ4000 has a LCD the same like the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The battery life continues recording last for at least one and half hour with a 32GB microSD. Video Quality is good.

    • Power Bank
    The one that I bought online has no brand for sure is made in China. It's 20,000 mAh for only 45 Dirhams, remember that most of the power bank in the mall shops are ranging from 80 AED and up depending on the capacity and brand. The good thing is I can charges my camera and iPhone with this power bank several times when I am outdoor shooting a video. But this power bank can be fully charged in two days.

    • Toshiba FlashAir
    Toshiba Flashair is a SD Card with WiFi, I bought 1 brand new online for only 99 AED. This is very useful for both indoor and outdoor photography. What it does is The picture or the video that you just take with your DSLR or Digital Camera will automatically transfer to your connected device, it maybe your iPad,Tablet,Android phone,iPhone or your computer. I am using this Toshiba FlashAir with my Canon EOS 600D. It also work on most DSLR and Digicam with SD Card slot.

    • Canon DSLR Camera Remote Control
    I bought this remote control because it's cheap online for only 23 Dirhams while its around 80 Dirhams from the mall shops. This remote control is good if you are doing self photography or video vlogging.

    • Things to consider before buying online.

    I saw some stuff at that are really cheap, Amazon has a very good reputation when it comes to online shopping. But of course Amazon is more of US/Europe online shopping, Yes they do deliver in Dubai but for sure it will take time, aside from that you will also need carry the charges from the courier etc.

    Aside from the location of the online shop, reputation of the seller, the length of time of delivery, the courier, give time also to read every details and information, terms and conditions etc of the things that you are going to buy.

    • Complain

    One of the good thing in Dubai is the Government Service, they have a Consumer Protection Program that helps both the consumer and the seller.

    I bought before a Nokia C7 at Sharaf DG, then it stop working on the 11th month, then i bring it back to Sharaf DG. They take it to fix because it's still covered of the 1 year warranty. They told me to come back after few days...i came back and its not ready, I came back several time until it became almost two months. I write a complain to Sharaf DG, I write a complain to the Mall Admin and finally I call Dubai Consumer Protection. They gave me my phone after few days. And then Sharaf DG called asking me to cancel my complaints from Dubai Consumer Protection.

    Jollibee Dubai Mall

    Officially open na po ang Jollibee Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall opens at 10AM and I am surprised to see that there are already long queue of people starting in the counter of Jollibee.  Please watch my video vlog.

    No chance for me to try Jollibee this time because I am expecting this queue to last until tonight. I lol come back maybe tomorrow.

    Wow, This coming March or April 2015 Jollibee is soon to open in Dubai Mall. It's a good news for Filipinos in Dubai who loves Jollibee.

    I am hoping they have the same taste, the same menu, the same service like they do in the Philippines.





    Chowking is everywhere in the UAE particularly in Dubai and now his brother Jollibee is coming soon.

    [caption id="attachment_1734" align="alignnone" width="720"]Jollibee Dubai Mall Jollibee Dubai Mall[/caption]


    Remember that there was a Jollibee before between Karama and BurDubai area, the one that is in front of Spinneys. I tried that and it was not the real Filipino Jollibee.

    Jollibee Chicago is also expecting to open soon in the US.

    Walang Plano Nakarating sa Baguio.

    How to go to Baguio City


    Without a plan, without hotel booking or any form of itinerary I decided to go to Baguio City. I never been to any part of the Philippines except Quezon Province and Metro manila.


    With just 1 Backpack with extra pants, t shirts and underwear, tooth brust, toot paste, deodorant and bath soap and I go to Victory Liner Station in Cubao, Quezon City. I of course have my ATM Card and some cash.

    Which Bus

    I choose Victory Liner because they are popular and they are organise. You can buy a ticket in advance or on time, you can choose your seat too.

    One way ticket going to Baguio is P445.oo

    During the Trip

    Comportable magbiyahe sa Victory Liner, they have TV on board pero during our trip eh music lang buong beyahe na para sa akin eh okay kase yong mga pina patugtog nila eh yong mga paborito kong classic na english song na hindi na luluma katulad ng mga Michael learns to rock song ha ha ha ha..

    May nakasulat na Free WiFi pero hindi ako maka connect. Then may two stopover sa 6 to 8 hours na biyahe at ang kagandahan don eh ina announce nong driver " stopover po tayo dito ng 15 minutes" and on time talaga.

    Like the other bus may mga ilan ding mga naglalako ng pagkain sa bus. Minsan natatakot ako sa mga ito kase minsan scam.

    Habang nagbibiyahe nakakatuwang malaman na maraming SM Shopping Mall along the way, ganon din ang mga fastfood na Jollibee at McDonald, pati na rin Starbucks.


    Okay naman ang mga pasahero, behave naman sila at hindi katulad ng iba na walang paki alam sa kapwa pasahero. Hindi naman nila masyadong binibend yong upuan nila, hindi rin tinataas ang mabahong paa, pero yong bata sa likod ko eh madaldal at kanta ng kanta nakakatuwa, and then maya maya eh iyak ng iyak na.

    Baguio City

    Sa mismong Victory Liner Bus Station ako bumaba, walking distance lang ito sa SM City Baguio na nasa itaas ng bundok sa Session Road. Paakyat mula sa Victory Liner Bus Station eh may Microtel by wyndham, katulad ito ng hotel na nasa likod ng Mall of Asia Arena. Aside from that eh may mga guest houses at transient din na malapit doon.

    Hotel or Guest House

    Mga 11 oclock na ako dumating sa Baguio, syempre una kong hinanap eh matutuluyan dahil subrang lamig pala talaga doon. Syempre mahal pag mga hotel room, yong napagtanungan ko eh P2800.oo per night at wala na silang bakanting kwarto. Buti mabait yong gwardya ni refer nya ako, lakad lang daw ng kunti eh may roong guest house na malapit at P350.oo nga daw per night. At nakita ko nga itong "Upstair Bed and Bath" So umakyat ako at nandon yong security reception na mabait ang tuno ng boses. Nagbayad ako ng P350.oo and then ini charges ko telepono ko, powerbank at camera ko. Mga ala una na din ako nakatulog kase kumain muna ako sa Jollibee na malapit lang naman.

    Upstair Bed & Bath

    Upstair bed and bath is a big room with more than 10 double decker bed, it's clean. They have a lot of shower and toilet. Once you checked in they will show you your bed and they will give you a Towel. I didn't see any locker during my stay. The place is located in the middle of the hill. It's like this "Street then take a staircase going up to bed and bath and then take staircase going to Barrio Fiesta Restaurant and then Street and if you look up you will see another street.

    Things to do in Baguio.

    I like Baguio because of it's weather and scenery. They have a lot of parks, green, mountains with houses looks very good. There's a lot of people. I went to Burnham Park, The Mansion, Mines View Park and Camp John Hay

    Everything is amazing, I feel like I needed to take picture of every angle of this green clean city.

    Going Back to Manila or Next Destination.

    Going back to Manila or to your next destination with Victory Liner, it is better to buy a ticket in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Most of the time Victory Liner is busy and those with scheduled ticket are the priority. You can be a chance passenger but there's a lot of people are in the line.

    As for me I went to the station at 4 o clock and when I buy the ticket the next available trip is already at 22:00 oclock. I have six hour before my trip so I decided to go to Spa and in there I had a Sauna, Body scrab, massage and foot spa for only P1700.oo. It was very relaxing, like i didn't enjoy because i fall asleep. Then in thirty minutes I go straight to the Station and I had a safe journey.

    Free Staff Accommodation in Dubai

    Most of the companies in Dubai are providing a accommodation to their employees, especially hospitality industries like hotels, restaurant department stores etc. Depending on their positions or grade, staff may shared of at least two people in a room and it depends on the company.

    For the past 6 years I was living in a shared room and finally last November 2014 I was promoted to grade 4 and they gave me a single room accommodation. A studio type apartment in Discovery Garden. The company also provided a refrigerator, washing machine, TV and cleaning materials.

    Services related to water, electricity, maintenance are also provided by the company. The only thing that I pay monthly is the internet connection.

    My Studio Type Apartment Provided by the Company.

    Emirates Crew Accommodation