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My GoPro Camera and its Accessories.

Gopro Vlogging tools

GoPro Hero 9

  • I am using GoPro because it is easy to use, The original settings that come with it are ready to capture good footage for a vlog or for any video. 
  • The video quality is crisp and clear with its 1080p, 4K60fps up to 5K30fps, 5k is so good that is very useful if you want to zoom the footage while editing. 
  • Horizon Leveling is one of the best features of GoPro Hero 9, this feature will make your footage always on the right horizon level. not slant but balance.

GoPro Media Mod 

GoPro Hero 9 Media Mod functions as an adaptor for you to be able to add accessories to capture good footage. It features a directional mic with foam, a 3.5mm mic port, HDMI out, and two cold-shoe mounts.

  • You can add an external mic, an external mic is very useful to achieve crisp and clear audio even in the windy environment.
  • You can charge the GoPro directly through the USB C of the media mod.
  • Playback your footage to a TV using the HDMI out of GoPro
  • Attach a light and or LCD screen.

Telesin all in one Extendable Grip with Tripod


This Telesin Gopro Grip is my favorite because it has everything I need for my daily video recording for both indoor and outdoor.  I can set standing with its built-in that can be removable tripod as high as 90 cm with its extendable rod.
It also comes with a removable smartphone holder.

128 GB Sandisk Extreme Micro SD Card

128 GB of memory space is good enough to record and save footage of up to 4 hours and 12 minutes with my Cinematic 4K 50fps Linear setting.

My Current GoPro Hero 9 Setup. 

I added a DIY Fur deadcat because it is extremely windy in my beautiful town.  With this Fur DIY deadcat my audio recorded is clear and loud without the wind noise.

I bought a regular fur deadcat created for a big microphone, I just cut and stitched it again to the size of the foam of GoPro Media Mod.

Microphone Deadcat Fur

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