My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

Mango Salad

Most of the salad especially abroad are eaten as a starter, and these are usually cold vegetable or leaves with a lemon, vinegar or just olive oil as a dressing. Mix green salad is the most popular of all the salad.

Salad like Macaroni, Chicken Salad, Gulaman or gelatin base salad are very popular in the Philippines and we usually eat it anytime of the day without thinking of starter, middle or main course as they do in Europe or America.

Mango Pandan is my favorite and I learned how to do it when I was working at The French Baker, Basically its just a mixture of condensed milk, nestle cream, alsa gulaman or any gelatin, nata de coco or macapono and then the mango cube.

The Taste is Amazing.

Clubbing in Dubai

There are so many bars and night clubs in Dubai, Where I usually go is of course in the Filipino bar.  Total entertainment is going on inside, Filipino bar is not like other bar with just live loud music. Filipino bar has live singers and dancers on stages.

Club Seven at Park Regis Hotel is one of my favourite because it has a big dance floor and continues live music and performances. The ladies are beautiful too.

GoPro Hero Problem

I have SJ4000 and it's amazing, it has a screen, it takes a very nice picture and amazing video. The fact that it doesn't have a WiFi is maybe the reason why I bought a GoPro Hero 3+ black edition.

I have Canon EOS 600D, Samsung DV100, Sj4000 and of course my iPhone as a cameras. But I don't exactly know why I am very much tempted to buying a GoPro. Well, GoPro is very compact, looks good and takes the best video. GoPro in Dubai is around 1500 Dirhams and that is expensive.

So I bought a second-hand GoPro for 1000 Dirhams. The guy said he is bankrupt and he needs money that is why he is selling it. I met him in Burj Al Arab he is an intern there.

These is some of my complaints with my GoPro Hero 3+ Balck Edition.

1.Green and pink color in low lights/room/night
2.Old TV effect when start recording
3.Heating when WiFi is ON

I checked for a possible solution to fix the problem, I tried the hard reset, I bought a new micro SD card and there are no changes with the video quality...the same problem. Then finally I downgraded it to the original version of Hero 3+ and it never switches ON again.

I ask the guy if he still has the receipt so I can get the shop warranty but then he lost it. I don't want to cause a problem to him so..... nevermind

I never experienced those things with my SJ4000, And I realized the advantage of having an LCD screen of SJ4000 to easily see the video that I just recorded.

I don't understand why I STILL WANTED A GoPro.


Sandstorm in Dubai

Sandstorm in Dubai normally occurs when the weather is changing from winter to summer or vice versa. Yesterday April 2 , 2015 I wake up with the brown color of the air (looks like instagram filter). I went outside and I can literally inhale some sand.

It gives around 50 meters zero visibility that sometimes caused of road accidents.

I was at the gate of Burj Khalifa (The world tallest building) and I can't even see the base floor of the building, not even a shadow.

The first part of the video was taken during the sandstorm yesterday without any color adjustment. It's naturally brown because of the sands. The later part was taken three days ago and it was fogging in Dubai, Fogging is normal in the winter and usually in the morning.