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Hi, My name is Robbie I am from the Philippines. As much as I wanted but I have never traveled most of the Philippines yet. I just can't afford it when I was there. 
Life is not easy being a working student and that's when I realized that I needed to change something for me to change my life. And changing a country or moving to another country is the option that I grab. I moved to Dubai, UAE, and I started to experience a different life. This life allows me to travel to some countries.

Bangkok Thailand.
More liberated than Manila.

Phuket Thailand
There is more tourist here than locals.

Istanbul Turkey
Feels like an openminded city.

Oslo Norway
A modern city of electric cars.

Brussels Belgium
The center of the European Union.

Brugges Belgium
The amazing city of Castles.

Amsterdam The Netherland
Beautiful river city with more bikes than cars.

Milan Italy
The fastest train I experience.

Rome Italy
Back from the old civilization.

The Vatican
The feeling is amazing to be here.

Colombo Sri Lanka
It reminds me a little bit about Manila.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
The most diverse city in Asia.

Penang Malaysia
Feels a little bit like Europe.

A modern compact city of Asia.

Phnom Penh Cambodia
A developing city.

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
A new city.

Sydney Australia
An organized, clean and green city.

Wollongong Australia
A small beautiful shopping and parks town.

Kiama Australia
Small beautiful town by the beach.

Brisbane Australia
The most vibrant city in Australia.

Gold Coast Australia
Life is a beach.

Newcastle Australia
Beautiful coastal walkways.

The city of old and modern combined.

* The description is what comes to my mind first whenever the city is mentioned.

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