My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

Rainy days at home

Nelson Bay is so beautiful on regular sunny days, there are many activities you can do under the sun. Whenever I go biking around I see many people who are just relaxing, walking around, fishing, and doing some good stuff outdoor. But when it is raining, there is really nothing we can't do outside. Showering in the rain is not a good idea because it is winter these days. 
In a city like Sydney, shopping malls are one of the places to go as activities and spending leisure is so much to enjoy. 

Worrying Again of COVID 19

There was news of COVID 19 case, A Sydney person that visited the Salamander Shopping centre on the 15th of July, and it infected local people. They are now on isolation but people are advised to take extra care and do the testing if feeling any symptoms. 

The community and my workplace are following the restrictions and of social distancing and getting used to it already and feeling it as the new normal. But because of the news and second wave that is happenning in Melbourne, people are starting to worry again. These days I am seeing more people wearing mask compared before.

Cheap complete full features video editor

I don't really like Filmora 9 Video Editor until I tried it and realized that it is the cheapest complete full features video editor in the market. I initially thought that Filmora 9 is just a copycat video editor that can't do good full video. 
I made some research, did some video editor comparison, and finally realized that Filmora 9 is actually one of the best video editors when it comes to its features and possibilities of creating unlimited video ideas. Filmora 9 has heaps of transition, titles, and other elements that will surely help to make beautiful videos. 

This vlog is the very first video that was edited using Filmora 9 Video Editor and it was easy because the basic ways of editing are similar to what I am used to, I was an iMovie video editor user.  iMovie is very easy to use but it is very basic that only does the basic. That is the reason why I got the Filmora 9 Video Editor, because it can do anything and because it is cheap with a complete and has full features video editor. 

List of Outdoor Vloggers in Australia

Australia has amazing nature, heaps of parks, beaches, and bushes to explore and they are properly taking care of by the authorities for the enjoyment and safety of the people. If you are not in Australia and you want to see how the outdoors really look like, then here is the list of outdoor vloggers in Australia. I included myself and will keep on updating the list. 

Most of Scotty's videos are solo camping adventures, his video doesn't have much talking or narration and you'll see him walking, cooking, and doing things that will make you understand the situation. So good. 

Abroadero Robbie is a Filipino expatriate in Australia, most of his videos are outside with his bike going to work, doing groceries, exploring the bush, and cooking. He traveled around Australia using his bike.
YBS Young Blood Brodie is a resigned electrician who is now vlogging full-time mostly fishing in the coastal area of Queensland. 
Nick Fry
 Nick is one of the kids of the duo TarraDarraBros, his videos are all about adventurous fishing in different methods.
FTG's Video Ethan's videos are mostly the train travel around Sydney and surrounding suburbs. You'll see him walking around showing beautiful spots around the greater Sydney.
Merrett Contracting Mark's videos are mostly about his family farm. They have a huge farm with heaps of sheep.
AdVANture ST His adventure is mostly bike packing around in mountainous areas of New South Wales, particularly Blue Mountains as he lives just around Sydney. 

There are many world-popular vloggers living in Australia like Chloe ThingLachlanHowToBasic, and so much more. Most of them are fashion, gaming music, random videos that are mostly indoors. Australia is a beautiful country, nature is just beautiful to see at least in the video that is why this list of outdoor vloggers in Australia are some of the interesting youtube vloggers or youtube channels to check out.

The Life of Robbie in Australia.

Cloudy or not, sunset is always beautiful here in Australia. It is very relaxing to see it. During winter season sunset occurs as early as 5 o'clock in the afternoon and rises again at around 6 o'clock in the morning. Summer has long days here as sunset occurs at around 8 o'clock in the afternoon and rises again around 5 o'clock in the morning.

They always have new items in Woolworths, the grocery here and this time I bought this kind of sponge roll, If you want fresh seafood there are independent seafood shop around the area and not just the grocery.

1 year of my expensive Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 eBike / Daily commute.

My Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 eBike is now on its first year anniversary. I bought it last year and been my daily transportation to get to work, bike around and when I went to Brisbane from Nelson Bay here in Australia.

Rainy winter bike ride to work.

Rainy winter biking to work is always expected to come from time to time here in Australia particularly in New South Wales during the winter season. 
I ride my bike to work and it doesn't matter if it is raining or no. I always have my rain jacket and rain trouser packed in my daily backpack. I intentionally buy the large cheap waterproof jacket so that I can fit in with my backpack. My waterproof trouser is also a little longer so that it will totally cover my boots and water will not get inside my feet. Getting to work is a 10 to 15 minutes bike ride and is just right to get me there safe and dry.

Today I noticed that my bike has this squeaking sound coming from the disk brake. I suspect that the front brake pads are worn out already as I always use it more than the back one. I have this bike for more than a year now and never had any adjustments to the brakes and actually never cleaned it. 
I am still using my bike despite the squeaking. I am thinking of fixing it myself or bringing it into the bike shop. 

Dirty washing machine in a daily life.

I always wonder why my clothes always have these dirt things after washing, I have in mind that maybe I need to change the filter or something but I am not sure where I am going to see it and I am not really eager to find it. This time I decided I need to see it by moving the washing a little bit but I did not see any on the back of the washing machine or on the side. I looked inside the washing machine and found out that it is the one in the middle. I took it off and there we go it is very dirty. 

My family never had a washing machine because we can't afford it. My mother is the one who does the washing and I myself do it and it is really hard and very tiring.  

When I moved to Dubai that is the very first time I experience doing my laundry in the washing machine. That washing machine that we have is very good because it is all in and all I need to do is put the dirty clothes and when it is done it is already dry and all I need to do is fold my clothes. Washing machine is amazing invention, big help to human daily life.

I believed they can't hear me, I don't wanna disturb people.

My shyness is because I don't wanna disturb people, I sometimes prefer to suffer than to disturb others... situation like an old couple peacefully walking, a family enjoying the walk, lovers having a sweet walk, etc.. are kind of not need a buzzer when they are on my way.

I do sing out loud when I am riding my bike and I hope that no one can hear it and no one is being disturbed.

I bought this Thai green curry sauce and cooked it with chicken and some frozen mix vegetables. It was not the best tasting curry but could be improved by adding proper ingredients and seasoning.

When I realised that my haircut is not good.

It is more than I year now that I do cut my own hair. It is not because I am trying to save money but because cutting my own hair is an interesting experience. I am not too conscious anymore of how do I look, I am now more of exploring the experience when it comes to my hair even if my hair is balding already.

This time I did not able to film my haircutting because it was unplanned and I did it last minutes before going to work. What I want to do is cut it undercut so that I can make it long and do some hairstyle experiments in the coming days. I just realized that it is not good when I was editing this video. :0

There are many hair cutting devices available in the market and they are really affordable, they usually come full set for grooming.

Beautiful Regional Australia

I met my colleague from Dubai who is also now working here in Australia. We both work in Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa. Burj Khaliga is the tallest building in the world in Dubai, UAE. The next day I went to the bike shop to buy a bike lock and i accidentally get to this place. This place looks newly developed and it looks beautiful. Trees are not grown up yet and you'll be able to see the hilly part of the area. Modern beautiful regional Australia is how I am going to describe this place.

Relax and easy enjoyable bike ride.

I always sing. I sing when I am on my bike, and I am singing out loud when no one is around. I am sometimes surprised there are actually people behind me saying good singing huh, happy huh, and I just smile and say thank you. Never encountered annoyed one yet.

One thing I noticed that I can't actually sing very well when I am walking but can sing pretty easily when I am on my bike. 

Tourists are back, prices of stuff in Australia.

I remember that there is no so much tourist during the winter season for my three years of living here in Nelson Bay. But this fast few days noticeably many people are walking around and exploring the places. Many travellers, many caravans, many families walking and biking around. 

Most of these people are a local tourist because Australia is still closed for the international traveller. 

Full two hills easy eBike ride.

Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 is the eBike that I am using for the moment. I have this eBike for a year now and never had any problem whatsoever. 
I used this eBike for a super long bike ride during my bikepacking tour from Nelson Bay in NSW to Brisbane in Queensland which is about a thousand kilometers.
I used this ebike every day to get to work, running an errand, and when roaming around the area. My place has many hills and sure needs to go through it on a daily basis. 

It has been very busy days, people's feeling the freedom to travel local...

Australia was once of those countries with a high number of CoVid cases at the beginning of the pandemic.  I remember that in the Philippines was just hundreds and Australia already had thousands. Australia was able to control it and flatten the CoVid curve with the help of the majority of the people. Cases have been contained, done testing everywhere, sets lockdowns, and restrictions. 

It is almost normal here now as CoVid cases are contained, there are still restrictions, limitation, and social distancing is still imposed. My place now have many tourists just like before the CoVid. It is now busy again and people now are feeling back the freedom of travelling around particularly here in New South Wales. 

A good ride to Newcastle, Australia

Coming from Nelson Bay we drive for more than one hour to get to this place called Glenrock Reserve in Newcastle area. This place is hidden and you'll not notice that it has this beautiful setting area with the view of the ocean and the bush. The setting area is covered with fake bermudagrass that is good to set and just relax. There is a pathway to get down to the beach but make sure to bring some water because you'll get tired easily and be thirsty once coming back coming.

Make sure to bring your camera because the scenery is breathtaking. You'll see the ships from far away waiting for there stuff, you'll see giant waves that is good for surfing, you'll see people just walking around.

Going back home we went to pick up a boxing bag from an ad in the Facebook marketplace, it's free. We then eat in an Indian restaurant called Raj near Hamilton Train station in Newcastle. 

Eating, KFC Australia.

I am not really a big fan of KFC when I was in the Philippines. I was always at Jollibee, Mc Donald's, and Chowking.  I usually have breakfast in Chowking, lunch in Jollibee, or dinner in Mc Donald.  I was living in a bed spacer apartment and never cooking my own food. All of my meals are bought from the restaurant, fast-food chain, or the local food shop. 

When I moved to Dubai that is when I start to appreciate the taste of KFC chicken and I maybe have KFC 1 time in  2 months. And now, here in Australia KFC and McDonald's are the options I have. McDonalds here doesn't have rice that is why I like the KFC more because I am not a fan of the burger.  In the Philippines, McDonald's has rice, chicken, and spaghetti meal.

Reasonable less salary this days.

Australia was closed for around two months during this still existing CoVid 19 pandemic. Shops, restaurant, and other non-essential establishment was closed and is illegal to open. June 1 2020, when the travel ban was lifted and the establishment was allowed to open. 
Here in Australia, businesses are getting financial support from the government to pay their employees and it is called Jobkeeper payment. Because of that, businesses only give a job to their employees who are on job keeper payment in order for them to save, maximize the income, and to survive and revive the business. I am not on a jobkeeper payment because I am not Australian and not a permanent resident, my company, my employer is just fair and good to employ us equally...but with fewer hours of work and less salary.