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Do you need Car in Sydney Australia?

Sydney Australia is one of the world's modern city. The city still has the old years vibe of having the old buildings and houses all around, I am actually living in an old apartment that looks like those apartments in Singapore and Malaysia.
In your own car, by public transportation or by just walking around the city is cool too, not having heavy traffic that I have experienced in Manila. Sydney is a walkable clean and green city. wide sidewalk with greenery along with it and a park in big vacant spaces. The weather is just amazing. it is hot during summer but there is no strong humidity like those in the middle east and southeast Asia. Winter is cold that is making the people wear their best winter clothes fashionably.

Train, Buses, Ferries are some of the public transportation that is really affordable for both work and leisure travel. They are easily accessible in a convenient bus stop, station, and wharves. During the daytime, these public transport vehicles almost come and leave every 10 minutes without having to queue in line.

Most of the people living in the suburbs and works in the City, do leave their car at the Train Station parking area and then ride the train to get to the city. One of the reasons for that is because of the conveniences of traveling by train. Another reason would be the expensive parking space in the city.

Opal Card is a prepaid card that people in New South Wales are using for their public transportation, there are cards for Adults, Seniors, and Students. For as low as $10 you can buy it from any conveniences store and can be reloaded from the shops, online or by using your mobile app. The fare is affordable for around $2 for a trip.

If you are working and living in the city you actually don't need a car.