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Ramadan local vacation things to do suggestion.

Ciao guys.

Once again its Ramadan time here in the UAE, particularly here in Dubai. I am on local vacation and I have nothing to do because things didn't come according to my plan.

Before taking this vacation I have so many plan.

1. To go out of town.
Last year we went to Istanbul Turkey, this time I can't because I don't have much money      because I bought a Macbook.

2. To enroll in languages, or website design course.
I wanted but the time is limited and cannot catch the full course.

3. To do a youtube cooking show.
I am a cook by profession. I am ready having all the raw Mise En Place but suddenly I got a new room mate. and he
is sleeping in daytime which is best time to shoot the video.

4. Challenge myself to vlog on public.
I tried yesterday but I am not satisfied. So Im going to do it more.

Now that I spend already two days of my 17 days vacation and still not doing anything. Until now I am still browsing the web for a possible training course, part-time job, or even volunteering for a charity works.

I am going to the Philippines sometimes on October 2014.

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