How I got a Job in Australia

It was around middle of 2015 while we are in Dubai my best friend John saw an ad in LinkedIn about a job opening in Australia through Ausphin. Ausphin is a company in Sydney related to Training and Employment.

To cut the story short, my friend send his CV and then got a reply from Ausphin detailing the process and legalities and later on asking some documents/requirements.  Prior to the application, my friend already had a tourist visa to Australia to visit our best friend Ronald, do sightseeing and of course, check the legitimacy of Ausphin. 

The company is legitimate and managed to schedule him a kitchen trial and interview to a potential employer and it was a success.  (kitchen trial is common practices in Australia if you are applying as a cook/chef even as kitchen hand)
My friend went back to Dubai and started to complete all his requirements and then encourage me to apply too.

And yes I did send my CV to Ausphin and after few days got an interview. The interview with Ausphin is through Skype just like a normal job interview asking a question about my qualification and they gave me tips about the life in Australia. After few days they then scheduled me for a job interview with the Executive Chefs of one company in Australia. 
The scheduled interview was 3 o'clock in the morning in Dubai as it was around midday in Australia. During the interview, the Chef just asked me to tell him about myself, and of course, I introduce myself and explain the details of my qualification, my capacity, and my personality. The Chef can see me but he didn't let me to see him. The interview was a just around 3 minutes.

And then after few days, Ausphin send me a copy of contract coming from the employer. I read the contract, signed it and send a copy back to them.  Then Ausphin asked me to submit notarized copies of my passport, birth certificate, school credentials, employment certificates and Dubai Police Clearance. They also send me some forms to fill up, agreement to read and the invoice for the service and visa application that was around 6000 AED as the first payment. 

I gather all the requirements by contacting my college in Manila to send me my school credentials and they did. I send a copy of my certificates to my niece to notarised it to the lawyer in the Philippines because the notarise service in Dubai is expensive and I get a Police Clearance in Dubai Police. I got all the requirements ready, all forms and agreement signed and then paid and submitted it to Ausphin. My friend and I almost finished the procedure at the same time. 

September 1, 2015 when I received the confirmation letter of my 402 Visa Application from the Australian Immigration through Ausphin. It says that the visa processing takes around three months or maybe more depending on the situation. 

Since we are just waiting for the Australian Training and Research Visa, We plan to travel to Europe and so we went to apply for a Schengen Visa and luckily it was approved. October 2015 when we resigned from our job and travel to Europe and Southeast Asia. It was February 2016 I was in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia when my Australian Training and Research Visa (402 Visa) was approved and i fly right away to Sydney with the cheapest flight of Air Asia. Then my friend got his visa while he was with his girlfriend in Singapore.

As of November 19, 2016, 402 visas is replaced by 407 Visa which is simply Training Visa, formerly known as Training and Research Visa. 407 Visa now requires IELTS or other English proof knowledge.

Note: This was my experienced and not necessarily applicable to everyone. Please visit the Australian Immigration website for more reliable information.


  1. Sir thankyou sa experince na shinare mo . . . Ngayon alam ko na ung gagawin ko sa pag aaply . . Tanong ko lang sir kung kelan mo ibinigay ung balance mo sa ausphin and kayo po ba ang bibili ng ticket nyo if ever na nasa dubai pa kayo . . Salamat po sir.....cj

  2. bale yong ticket from Dubai eh sagot pa ng company going to Philippines, pero dahil sa Europe ako pumunta eh I informed the HR na ticket to Norway ang bilhin nila para sa akin. Nagdagdag na lang ako kase mas mahal yon ticket pa Norway. Yong balance ko sa ausphin eh binabayaran ko sa kanila every sweldo, negotiable naman...dependi sa usapan nyo kung magkano.

    1. Sir may i know how much is the total amount that you need to pay in ausphin. Just for the info. I saw in their website that they have a office in manila. Thanks sir more power.

    2. Sir may i know how much is the total amount that you need to pay in ausphin. Just for the info. I saw in their website that they have a office in manila. Thanks sir more power.

  3. hi sir tanong ko lang po kung ano ang qualifications kapag kitchen helper? and nag aaccept naman po ba sila ng babae? salamat po sa mga vlogs mo. keep it up! godbless po

  4. Hello friend ! may I know what kind of visa you use to get a job in Australia ?

  5. Please l need your email address to communicate to you further I need a job in Australia there are many questions l would like to ask you but not on this public channel

  6. Sir ask ko lang po. Yung mga training po ba niyo jan ay mdaling hanapin any part in australia?

  7. Hi...papunta kc ako jan this coming feb/march with tourist visa...possible kaya na makakuha ako ng work visa direct from tourist to work visa legally?

  8. Mechanic ako ng nissan sa u.a.e.dati sa almasood nissan.pwede paba ako dyan kahit 48 edad ko

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