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GoPro Hero Problem

I have SJ4000 and it's amazing, it has a screen, it takes a very nice picture and amazing video. The fact that it doesn't have a WiFi is maybe the reason why I bought a GoPro Hero 3+ black edition.

I have Canon EOS 600D, Samsung DV100, Sj4000 and of course my iPhone as a cameras. But I don't exactly know why I am very much tempted to buying a GoPro. Well, GoPro is very compact, looks good and takes the best video. GoPro in Dubai is around 1500 Dirhams and that is expensive.

So I bought a second-hand GoPro for 1000 Dirhams. The guy said he is bankrupt and he needs money that is why he is selling it. I met him in Burj Al Arab he is an intern there.

These is some of my complaints with my GoPro Hero 3+ Balck Edition.

1.Green and pink color in low lights/room/night
2.Old TV effect when start recording
3.Heating when WiFi is ON

I checked for a possible solution to fix the problem, I tried the hard reset, I bought a new micro SD card and there are no changes with the video quality...the same problem. Then finally I downgraded it to the original version of Hero 3+ and it never switches ON again.

I ask the guy if he still has the receipt so I can get the shop warranty but then he lost it. I don't want to cause a problem to him so..... nevermind

I never experienced those things with my SJ4000, And I realized the advantage of having an LCD screen of SJ4000 to easily see the video that I just recorded.

I don't understand why I STILL WANTED A GoPro.


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