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Inigo was the first to arrive in this place,  He was initially looking for Filipino friend but there was no one until he realized that the...

Mango Salad

Most of the salad especially abroad are eaten as a starter, and these are usually cold vegetable or leaves with a lemon, vinegar or just olive oil as a dressing. Mix green salad is the most popular of all the salad.

Salad like Macaroni, Chicken Salad, Gulaman or gelatin base salad are very popular in the Philippines and we usually eat it anytime of the day without thinking of starter, middle or main course as they do in Europe or America.

Mango Pandan is my favorite and I learned how to do it when I was working at The French Baker, Basically its just a mixture of condensed milk, nestle cream, alsa gulaman or any gelatin, nata de coco or macapono and then the mango cube.

The Taste is Amazing.

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