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Metro Manila Compare to other city of the world.

I did a lot of walking when I was residing in the Philippines before. During my day off you'll always see me on the street of Metro Manila just walking around, windows shopping, sightseeing and just wondering the everyday different scenario of Metro Manila Street.

Most foreigners/tourists skip Metro Manila because of the reputation being noisy, traffic and chaotic. They usually stay for a night in Metro Manila then head over to their beach destination.

I like Metro Manila, Metro Manila is not boring. Like what I said every day is different in Manila, it is expect the unexpected city. Walking around sure you are going to be greeted by the kids, people. you'll see a street party, a beauty pageant, a karaoke scene, etc.

Comparing to Bangkok in Thailand, Bangkok has many cultural tourist spots within the city.
Comparing to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur is more diverse with people of different cultures lives in the city.
Comparing to Singapore, Singapore is looking like a compact modern city.
Comparing to European City, Europe is beautiful because of their old culture, those beautiful castles, old buildings, old churches, and colorful trees.

Lets walk around the Ayala Center, the business center of Makati.

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