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What you need to do to get a job in Australia if you are not in Australia.


If you are planning to work abroad, countries that are easy to get a job would be those middle eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain etc. Most of the companies in middle eastern countries provide everything to their employee from flight from the home country, accommodation, food, transportation, and health insurance during the duration of the employment contract. There may be some but that is not the case in the rest of the world.


In Australia, a non-Australian can only work in Australia if they have a proper visa. There is a different classification of visa for work-related visa depending on location, duration of stay, skills, and qualification of the visa applicant.  Some of this visa are 457 Visa which is valid for up to 4 years, 189 visa which is valid as long as you want to stay (Permanent Residency) and there are other more here Work Visa Option. Holders of student Visa, Working Holiday Visa are also able to work with some limitation apply.

Company sponsorship is commonly practiced to get a job in Australia. (457 Visa, TSS Visa). Then there is 189 Visa and 190 Visa that will allow you to come to Australia without sponsor. (Permanent Resident)


The easiest way to get a job in Australia is through Recruitment Agency or Migration Agency because they usually have a ready employer that is willing to sponsor foreign skilled worker. Aside from the migration agency and immigration lawyers, Australian Immigration Website is the best place to gather information on how to apply for any kind of visa. The website is always updated and have the most reliable information. You'll  see the list of requirements, procedures, fees etc, it just means that you can apply for your own visa.

The first thing you need to do is to check if your profession or your kind of job is in the Skilled Occupation List. If you see your job in the list, alongside is the Assessing Authority, assessing Authority is the one that will give you an Australian Qualification. Australian Qualification can be a certificate 3 or  4 depends on your field of work. In my case I am a cook, the assessing authority gave me "Commercial Cookery Certificate 3". For the Chef, Cook and other trade professional TRA or Trade Recognition Australia is the Assessing Authority. Nurses, Engineers, and other job have other Assessing authority.

Once your skills have been assessed and got a proper certificate, the other thing you must have is the English qualification, it can be an IELTS, PTE, passport or certification that English is the medium your school is using. and then the rest of the requirements are the usual school credentials, employment certificates, passports, other certificates etc.

Once you have all those requirements ready, all you need to do is look for a job in Australia,  Submit your CV to a different company in Australia, always write a nice cover letter stating your qualification and don't forget to mention that you have all the requirements ready for visa application. If the company hire you the possibilities are they will refer you to their migration agent, or lawyer for visa application procedure.

Those are the procedure I did to get a job on a 457 visa here in Australia. I was already here in Australia when I did that. I think this is the same even if you are offshore or not in Australia. I am just not sure about the procedure of skills assessment offshore, but it explained in the Trade Recognition Australia website.

Procedure for Permanent Residency in Australia. Video

Cost of applying for a Job in Australia.


  1. Sir Abroadero good day, nun pumasok kaba jan sa Aussie ay tourist at saka papano mo kinontak or nakontak yun assessing authority like for me TRA, thanks sa sagot mo, ofw here in riyadh..God bless always

  2. Hello kuya robbie, I am very fan of ur vlogs even mga comments binabasa ko na. Marami na akong natutunan sa mga vlogs mo.Actually matagal na akong nagpaplano for migration with my family kaso kulang pa tlaga sa budget pru hopefully this year maumpisahan ko ang proseso. Kung mangyari man ito, kagaya mo gusto ko regional areas lng kami tumira para mas makamura. Mahilig talaga ako sa malapit sa beach and in my research mas cheaper dyan sa area mo compare to southern area ng nsw like Kiama. Ang tanong ko kuya kung sakali ba dyan kami tumira ng family ko madali ba makahanap dyan ng work? Thank u very much for ur time kuya.

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