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Bangkok Cambodia Avoid Border Scam

Avoid the border scam in the border of Thailand and Cambodia (Aranyaprathet Thailand, Poipet Cambodia)

We booked the trip to one of the many travel agencies in Khaosan Road, check the prices as they have different prices with the same itinerary.  The vehicle is a van and we leave the places and pick up more booked passengers in several guesthouses along the way.

Van Travel
It was a long travel and we had two stop, one in the gasoline station where the driver asked us to get down and do our thing. The second stop was in the restaurant, a little bit like a small resort.

How the scam works.
We arrived at the Aranyaprathet border of Thailand. When we get down of the Van, there are people guide us to get inside of the building just beside where we get down. They gave us forms that make us think that it is an immigration form. They have these confusing tactics so that we get into them. This scammer asked us money of around 800 Baht for each. They took our passport and asked as to wait for our turn. On our turn, they gave back our passport and asked us to get inside another building and that's when we realized that it is the Thailand Immigration Building. We did the normal immigration check out. Exiting the Thailand Immigration is the Poipet, the border of Cambodia. The guy there is waiting for us and take again our passport and asked us to wait, we wait for maybe an hour and then they gave back our passport already with Cambodia Immigration Checked In Stamp on it. (You'll never know that you are in the Cambodian Immigration as the place is like an open-air waiting area with a lot of people waiting) Then they guide us to the bus waiting area.

How to Avoid the Scam.
Immigration is an easy process, you don't need to spend extra money for the service that is not necessary.  Avoid the scammer by going straight to the Immigration Building, asked the people around where is it, asked at least three people and make sure you are heading to the Immigration. Some countries do not need Visa like ASEAN countries are free to get in without paying any cents.

Bus Travel
Including in the booking fee is the bus trip from Poipet to Phnom Penh. it was a very long trip again. We arrived in Phnom Penh safely.

Use your Google Map it helps.

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