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Tourist Life in Cambodia

Compare to other cities in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is still starting to grow, They have more parks than high rise buildings. Constructions are on going and building a good looking future.

Like Thailand, tuktuk  and motorcycle s the basic mode for public transportation in Cambodia, they are negotiable and works like a taxi without Meter. There are other forms of vehicles like improvise bike with carriage.

Cambodia uses US Dollar and Cambodian Riel in daily public purchases, expect that when you pay in Dollar they will give you a combination of Riel and Dollar as change.

Restaurant are everywhere in the city, they are in the crowded and tourist area like the riverside and shopping mall. Fried worm, crickets etc and snails are some of the street food you'll see everywhere in the city.

People are friendly but communicating is a bit of challenge as still most of the Cambodian are not able to speak english.

Streets in Phnom Penh is busy noisy with the sounds of motorcycles, it is coming very traffic in crowded places. Most of the city intersection doesn't have traffic lights and cars just go through by giving way to each other.

In the afternoon parks and public spaces gets a lot of people doing some walking, games, exercise and other outdoor physical fitness activities... it feels and looks really good.

Nightlife, the same like other cities people needs to be careful as some people has really bad intention.

Phnom Penh is a great place to experience, their history will touch your heart especially when you visit Genocide Museum.

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