My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

My online investments tools in Australia.

These are some of the investments tools I am using here in Australia. 

Saving Account or Transaction Account

When I arrived in Australia on 2016, My sponsor chooses to open my bank account with Commonwealth Bank. A regular Savings account or Transaction Account where my salary is going to be deposited by my employer. 

Salary in Australia is being deposited to the savings account usually every week.  This transaction account is normally the one I am using to pay for my apartment, to get money from the ATM machine. It can also be access through online banking and through  the Commonwealth Bank App. 

Through the Commonwealth Bank App, I opened another savings account which is called Goal Saver Account.

Goal Saver Account

Goal Saver Account is where I regularly transfer portion of my weekly salary to save. 
It is a savings account that offers a high interest rate if you meet certain conditions. Here's a breakdown of the key features:
  • Interest Rate:
    • You can earn a bonus interest rate of 4.9% per annum (p.a.) on your balance, provided you make at least one deposit each month and your account balance increases over the month compared to the previous month.
    • If you don't meet these conditions, the interest rate drops to a much lower 0.40% p.a.
  • Minimum balance: There's no minimum balance required to open a Goal Saver Account.
  • Deposits and withdrawals:
    • You can make unlimited deposits into your account.
    • However, to qualify for the bonus interest rate, you can't make any withdrawals during the month.
    • You get one free assisted withdrawal per month via branch or ATM, but subsequent withdrawals will incur fees.
Here is the screenshot of my Goal Saver Account with my weekly $10 automatic transfer from my Transaction Account, and the weekly variable bonus interest and credit interest. 

CommSec Account

Because the salary in Australia comes every week, investing in the stock market is a good thing to do, aside from just saving the money. 
Commsec is Australia's largest online stockbroking firm and it is a subsidiary of commonwealth bank, and because of this, opening a Commsec account is easy simply by using the Commonwealth Bank account. 

Commsec website is easy to navigate and easy to understand and that is why this is where I got some of my stock market investments. I was not aware before that Commsec is more costly than other brokerages.

Some people are trader, they are usually very active in buying and selling. They buy low and sell high to get the profit in a matter of hour or days. Some people like me are just buying and holding hoping for the stocks to keep on going high in value. Some people are just getting the dividend and some are reinvesting their dividends. 

Some of my holdings.
  • The A2 Milk company Limited  
  • Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF 


It was 2017 when I started to buy some coins with my extra $500. Its total value at the time of writing is $5244.8
 I understand the idea of cryptocurrency being similar to stock market where you buy low and sell high. But the same like in the stock market, I normally just buy and hold hoping that the value will go up in the future.  I am Using Coinspot to buy and sell cryptocurrency because it is base in Australia and it is trustworthy for someone like me living in Australia.

Here are some of the screenshots of my portfolio and check this link for my full cryptocurrency story. 

International Stock Market

When it comes to buying international share of stocks and cryptocurrency I am using eToro.
One of the best feature of eToro is the Virtual Account. 
Virtual Account is like being able to invest to the real stocks using a $100000 Virtual money from eToro.  This virtual account allow the user especially the beginner to understand the movements of stock markets and cryptocurrency that is also applicable to Real Account. 
The Real Account is where I deposited a money coming from my Commbank Account and then I was able to buy some US stocks, which I currently have Google share of stocks, and I also have Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency.  And on my virtual account I initially bought Tesla but sold it and then just followed one investor copying his investments and now my $100,000 is now $100,345.95.

Follow and copying investor is one of the best feature of eToro.  We all know that some people are master of their craft and so as some investor are masters of investing, they know it very well and they succeed. We as beginner can just sit to follow and copy and we'll just see it growing...hopefully.

My failed Investments.

In 2021 I invest about A$500 with Celsius. Celsius was another international cryptocurrency platform base in the USA, They went bankrupt but the good thing is they refunded the money to me and transferred it to another Cryptocurrency platform which is Coinbase. Because of this I have some Ethereum with Coinbase which is at the moment got higher value than it was A$500 in Celsius.

I do not have so much knowledge about investing that is why I am investing only the money I can afford to lost, and these are all my online investments tools here in Australia that I can access anytime anywhere in the world I am. It feels good looking at it on the app. It inspires me.


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