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How to be beautiful, good looking and attractive.

There are ways to improve your looks. You can be beautiful or good looking.

Clean looking people are always attractive they always got the second look. Hindi lahat ng maganda or pogi eh attractive. Being attractive is a big point para ma capture mo ang attention ng lahat.

Your height, skin color  and shape of your face maybe difficult to improve but proper Grooming, Clothing, Posture, Fitness and Attitude are sure things to consider para maging pogi, maganda at attractive ka.

Brush your teeth, clean your ears, your face and your body. Clean cut your hair or comb it nicely. Remove unwanted hair. Keep your fingernail clean.
Making and keeping yourself clean will make you confident about your good grooming.

Kahit ano pa ang style mo sa pagdadamit you'll be handsome and beautiful and attractive kung malinis ang damit mo, well pressed and well fitted sa katawan mo.

Stand straight, sit properly, walk confidently and relaxed. Wag masyadong kuba at wag masyadong liyad.

Going to the gym to exercise, to work out is a big help to make your self feel better. Exercise and working out also helps you to develop your posture, size and shape of your body.
If you noticed people who have nice body are always attractive, sometimes they are more good looking when they are naked.

Smile and greet the people, be nice, be positive about everything. A simple hello with a smile is a big factor to be liked by the people and that makes you atrractive.
Remember that attitude is the most important factor to be liked by others.

You can start now to be attractive, smile and greet the people you meet right after reading this.

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