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Affordable Luxurious things you can afford in Dubai.

Some people in Dubai can afford to go to bar or night club and partying after work almost every night, But for most, life in Dubai is just again, every day is like this that they get bored and sick for the same thing every day and it's getting hard when they keep on thinking and missing their family. Friends is always one of the best things to have while we are far from our family.

There are times that we are alone so trying to do things that will make you busy. Don't just sit in front of the computer and browse the updates on your Facebook, browse some other things. My room-mate before, he does painting. Before going to work, he paints, after work he paints, on his day off he paints and goes to party after. If you feel boring at home go outside and see new things. There are so many things to learn outside that could open new possibilities and opportunities.

A night of stay in a hotel room. Hotel room in Dubai, in UAE, is ranging from 90 dirhams to thousands of dirham per night depending on Its luxurious facilities and amenities. You'll be like a king not thinking about the messy room, the dirty dishes, and the super friendly room-mate. Bring your passport, national ID as hotels in Dubai required you to have that.

An hour or two on the beach. Most water part covering Dubai are beaches that can be access to public or luxurious private. Beaches here are clean and accessible by any form of transportation. Mamzar beach is the biggest of them all having a park, amphitheater, playground, swimming pool, picnic areas, and cottages. JBR beach at the walk is very close to alfresco restaurants, Jumeira beach which is a swim and goes as its close to the road. And some are hotel beaches offering luxurious services.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Sit and a sip in a coffee shop. Some people come to a coffee shop for a small chat while having a coffee, for some being in the coffee shop is to think and enhance their creativity. These both work for me when I am with friends and when I need to be alone to think and be creative while having a coffee.

Lift some weight at the Gym Most of the employee accommodation, condominium and hotels have a gym of their own. Lifting some weight will give you a new experience which gives you sure painful body in a few days but later on, you will like it and will give good results in your body posture and shape. There are also lots of luxurious gyms in the city ranging from the affordable gym to expensive health clubs which will give you access to the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, swimming pool, and friendly customer service. A day pass of at least 50 AED or to be a club member for a month, three months, six months or even a year of a healthy lifestyle.

Pamper your self in the spa. If you think the spa is just for women then you are wrong, the spa in Dubai is made for both men and women. And if you think the spa service is expensive then you are wrong. Again it all depends on how luxurious you want it to be. A price for full body Massage is ranging from 75 dirhams to hundreds of dirhams. Foot Spa, body scrub, facial, etc.

A ride in public transport. As most of the company has a company service then try to use public transportation. Dubai buses, Metro trains, Abra are the basic means of transportation by land and water in Dubai. To ride in any of those is another way to enjoy and discover the best and the rest of Dubai. These public transport are affordable, safe, secured, comfortable and having a clear glass wall good for sight-seeing. If you want to pay more, Dubai Big Bus, Taxis, Limousine and private cars are some of the options.

Outdoor activities and adventures. There are lots of activities and adventures to do in Dubai. It's ranging from cheap to affordable to a very expensive one. There is sky diving costing around 1700 AED for the first jump, desert safari, ski and ice skating, water sports, outdoor fitness, fishing and cruising in the Arabian Gulf. There are so many companies offering services and packages for different activities.


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