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What Happened If You Get Sick in The Middle East.

It's actually when I am sick that I remember the most my mother. Right now I cried remembering her. Doctors, nurses and even friends cannot replace the love and caring of a mother and it shows the most when the children are sick. She will do everything to healed her sick child.

When you are sick in Dubai you need to go to Clinic or Hospital and secure a sick leave certificate for you to go back to work without any problem. This sick leave certificate is electronically registered to Dubai Healthcare Facility and it cost 60 Dirham. Manual or unregistered issuance of health certificate will cost to the doctor or to the clinic a penalty of 5,000 Dirham.

Most company in Dubai has its own clinic at work and in the staff accommodation usually open 24 hours with the nurses on duty and doctors usually visit on schedule. If you are sick they will assist you by taking your blood pressure, body temperature and maybe send you to the hospital in case you're in a serious illness. Also staff accommodation has a room design just for a sick person.
I think these nurses are only allowed to do the first aid, taking blood pressure, body temperature, securing health insurances, paper works and the rest are up to the Doctor.

There are times that sphygmomanometer and stethoscope are saying that our body temperature and blood pressure are normal and usually nurses are relying on these devices and so they will not do anything.. maybe give you a paracetamol. If you feel really not well it is always advisable to go to the Doctor and for sure they will do the necessary action.

I believe that most of the company in Dubai has a health insurance for their staff. With this health insurance you do not need to worry about medicine, confinement, operation and other medical procedure. Consultation and health certificate might be chargeable but some company makes it reimbursable.

Annual Medical Exam.

Annual medical check is required to all people working in Dubai, Chest Xray, Blood Testing and stool are the basic requirements for medical Test.

Chest Xray is done to check the lungs. Once they pound something suspicious in your lungs they will require you to take sputum test and another blood test in the government clinic.

Blood Testing is done for a possible infectious and contagious diseases like Hepatitis, AIDS etc.

Stool Check is done for a possible parasites in our body.

If there are irregularity with the result of your medical test, they will do another test, once positive then they will bring you to the hospital or quarantine room for treatment and or deporting you to your home country.

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