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Airplane Safety Video Is Not Boring Anymore.

This videos have been very popular in 2013, they're really entertaining.

Soon, Airlines are going to change their on board safety video by NOT reminding their passenger to switch off their iPad, smartphone, ebook and other electronics devices. Passengers of Delta Air and JetBlue are now having the freedom to use their electronics device throughout the flight.
Don't be surprise if you see your friend updating their Facebook 30,000 feet from the ground.

But before the changes happen let's have a look at these happy, lively and entertaining Airplane Safety Video On-Board.

Air New Zealand
Hobbit are flying safely with air new Zealand.

Cebu Pacific Air
Depending on occasion they will make sure you enjoy the safety guide to fly.

Fly Dubai
Emiratis cartoon characters are on board.

Philippine Airlines
Filipino Hospitality

If you want to smoke go out of the aircraft.

Virgin America
This is the most entertaining safety video on board.

I recently experience the Business Class of Emirates Airline and it was amazing. My Fourteen hours of travel feels not enough and I want to make it longer. Business Class Flight comes with comfortability and luxury, it was amazing.

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