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Reliable Online Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Online Shop

There are so many online shop here in Dubai, Most of them are actually based or at least have an office here in the UAE. Most of these online shop have a contact infos that you'll found below their website.

Things I Bought from Dubai Online Shop.

Stuff from the online shop are cheaper, that is one of the reason why I buy things online, Second is the availability, some of the stuff that I bought online are not available in the mall, or i didn't see them in the shops.

  • SJ4000 Action/Sports Camera.
SJ4000 is the best cheap alternative to GoPro Hero, I bought 1 brand new from Souq.Com for only 400 AED. Remember that GoPro is more or less 1500 AED in the Dubai / UAE. SJ4000 has a LCD the same like the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The battery life continues recording last for at least one and half hour with a 32GB microSD. Video Quality is good.

  • Power Bank
The one that I bought online has no brand for sure is made in China. It's 20,000 mAh for only 45 Dirhams, remember that most of the power bank in the mall shops are ranging from 80 AED and up depending on the capacity and brand. The good thing is I can charges my camera and iPhone with this power bank several times when I am outdoor shooting a video. But this power bank can be fully charged in two days.

  • Toshiba FlashAir
Toshiba Flashair is a SD Card with WiFi, I bought 1 brand new online for only 99 AED. This is very useful for both indoor and outdoor photography. What it does is The picture or the video that you just take with your DSLR or Digital Camera will automatically transfer to your connected device, it maybe your iPad,Tablet,Android phone,iPhone or your computer. I am using this Toshiba FlashAir with my Canon EOS 600D. It also work on most DSLR and Digicam with SD Card slot.

  • Canon DSLR Camera Remote Control
I bought this remote control because it's cheap online for only 23 Dirhams while its around 80 Dirhams from the mall shops. This remote control is good if you are doing self photography or video vlogging.

  • Things to consider before buying online.

I saw some stuff at that are really cheap, Amazon has a very good reputation when it comes to online shopping. But of course Amazon is more of US/Europe online shopping, Yes they do deliver in Dubai but for sure it will take time, aside from that you will also need carry the charges from the courier etc.

Aside from the location of the online shop, reputation of the seller, the length of time of delivery, the courier, give time also to read every details and information, terms and conditions etc of the things that you are going to buy.

  • Complain

One of the good thing in Dubai is the Government Service, they have a Consumer Protection Program that helps both the consumer and the seller.

I bought before a Nokia C7 at Sharaf DG, then it stop working on the 11th month, then i bring it back to Sharaf DG. They take it to fix because it's still covered of the 1 year warranty. They told me to come back after few days...i came back and its not ready, I came back several time until it became almost two months. I write a complain to Sharaf DG, I write a complain to the Mall Admin and finally I call Dubai Consumer Protection. They gave me my phone after few days. And then Sharaf DG called asking me to cancel my complaints from Dubai Consumer Protection.

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