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One Month Cheap Trip in Thailand

After few days in Thailand we totally realised that Singapore is very expensive specially for the tourist. For the residents the daily expenses is okay because they are use to it and their wages are based on the quality of life they have there.

Don Muang International Airport.

We arrived at Don Muang International Airport for a overnight stopover, the airport is not good for overnight stay, there is no place to sleep for free, they have just benches that are not comfortable to lay down. There are some shops that are open 24 hours, there is also a connected hotel but is not satisfying for a short stay. We had an stopover here because we booked the cheapest ticket available online.

Arrived in Phuket

We didn't see much in Phuket International Airport because we go straight to the arrival area. The airport is busy and most of the passengers are western tourist. In there are lot of people offering a transfer to the hotel, there are bus, van, and taxi. As of the moment they don't have formal form of public transportation like train or bus station to go to the city. So we grab this 180 Baht transfer by van going to our hotel because this is the safest and the most affordable. They drop us in front of our hotel and we are satisfied with the service. We stay in Patong Beach, Patong is the central of Phuket you'll see more foreigners than locals in this part of Phuket.


Because we are two, we always stay in a hotel room instead of a guest house. This way we save some money and at the same time we are comfortable and our luggage are safe. Hotel room in Phuket is better, cleaner and 75 cheaper than hotel room in Singapore, Most of those hotels gave us free daily bottled water, free coffee and they clean the room everyday. There are hotels that are in the beach front, and some have swimming pool that makes them very expensive. The hotels that we got are ranging from 14 to 19 US Dollar per day, we also stay in a hotel with swimming pool and garden for that price, and most those we stay for at least 5 days. Each of those hotels have different qualities that we like. Some hotels are nice because there are cheap restaurant around, because the bed is very comfortable, because the view is amazing, because it's near to the beach and one thing for sure because the locals are friendly.

Things to See in Phuket

Phuket town has nothing special, it is just like an ordinary asian town with market, plaza, shopping mall etc. Aside from the Town, Patong and Bang Tao, I have never been to any other part but most of Phuket are beaches. Patong Beach is the most visited part, Patong is not a residential area in here you're going to see so many guest houses, hotels, massages shop, restaurant, specialty shops, bars and night clubs and shopping Mall. Tourists here are like locals because because you'll see more of them everywhere in Patong. Bangla Road is like the Khao San Road in Phuket, this is the red light district and is very crowded and wild at night with different attractions, service and unexpected things to see in there. If you are planning to go to Phuket then I suggest you to stay near to Bangla Road or near to the Beach in Patong. BangTao beach is another part of Phuket it is 20 minutes drive from Patong. BangTao is design more on Family trip. There are no cheap guest houses, mostly are hotels and luxury villas, there are lakes just before you reach the public beach and a bit far from the residential area. They have a free shuttle bus in the beach complex. There are local restaurant that caters basically for the locals but foreigners are welcome and expect the food to be very cheap.

Food in Phuket

They have KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Company and Starbucks but not much. The shop here if not a massage, or store for sure it is a restaurant. There are some other cuisines but mostly are international with a lot of Thai food in the menu. Phad Thai, Fried Rice, Fried Noodles, Soup are most of the time my meal. There times that we are lazy to go out then we stock some instant noodles, instant porridge and then we just add some boiling water from the hotel room kettle. Seven Eleven are everywhere and they even have ready to eat microwaved food that are cheap and makes you full. The prices of the food vary depending on the locations, it is ranging from 65 Baht to 120 Baht for 1 Phad Thai or Pride rice, In some other places like those in residential area we can eat 45 Baht for a Phad Thai and a soft drink for 10 Baht.

Things to do

Aside from partying, swimming there are also a lot of activities can do within the beach, but all of those are cost a prices which I think is affordable because there are lots of choices in almost the same services. Trekking and exploring the forest and mountain part and seeing the monkeys in Phuket are another interesting thing to do. Patong Beach also have boat service that will bring you the the very popular Phiphi Beach, James Bond Beach and other island nearby. Because we stay there for 1 month and as much as I can I tried to be thrifty and at the same time not to get bored. I made a silly video for my self "rejection therapy" just for me to overcome my shyness.

Prices in Phuket & Bangkok

Room/night      =   14USD  and up

Dormitory/night =   5USD and up

Food                =   1USD and up, it depends

Taxi                  =   by Meter

TukTuk             =   Negotiable

Motor               =   Negotiable

Bus                  = 30USD

Airport to Hotel =  5USD

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