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Best Places to See in Sydney (videos)

Best Places to See in Singapore

Singapore is not like cities in Europe with amazing old buildings and churches, It also not like Southeast Asian country with a lot of amazing mosque and temple. Singapore's not even have a mountains or falls or nightlife like Amsterdam. So why people comes here,  Most of the interesting things in Singapore are modern and are luxury to experience just like Dubai.

Marina Bay Sands

It's a luxury hotel with an amazing infinity pool on the roof that looks like a ship with a nice view of the city. Very expensive hotel. Downstair is a luxury shopping mall with all kinds of affordable  to expensive stuff. It has a casino, museums, water parks and the usual things we see in the Shopping Mall. Marina Bay Sands is easy to find as it is the centre of Singapore and is connected to the underground train.

Gardens by the Bay is located just behind the Marina bay Sands, It's not an ordinary park with just trees and places to rest, there are lots of attractions and activities that you're going to see and experience here. The gardens is open until to 2:00am and the light shows is a must to see.

Marina Bay

In front of the Marina Bay Sands is the Marina Bay facing to the skyscrapers of Singapore. Together with Merlions, Singapore Flyer and Esplanades there are also a lot of al fresco restaurant, hotels, and shops that are amazing to see specially with lights on at night.

Boat Quay Singapore

Marina Boat Quay is a lane of restaurants of different cuisines in the riverbank of Singapore Bridge just behind the Fullerton Hotel, Raffles Place Centre and New Bridge, The view from the Boat Quay Inn terrace is amazing, the same if you stay a bit in the base of the New Bridge. There are boats along the river that cruise all the way to the Marina bay.

Raffles Place Centre

This is the business capital, the centre of the skyscrapers of Singapore, This is basically you're going to see the office workers. Hawkers food store here are reliable as most of the professional office workers eat here. The place is very near to the Marina Bay, Boat Quay and China Town. Aside from the underground train, it is also connected by underground shopping mall going to Marina Bay Sands.Don't mistake this as Raffles City, Raffles City is another place in Singapore where Raffles and Fairmont Hotel are located.

China Town

Every country has its own version of China Town, I can say this is the cleanest Chinatown I've ever seen. If you love to walk, then China Town is a 15 minutes walk from the business centre and New Bridge in Boat Quay. Basically Chinatown is good for outdoor shopping and eating. There are so many hawkers food court and shopping mall in the area and is also connected by underground train.

Little India

I have never been totally in this part of Singapore, but my fellow traveller in the guesthouse show me a picture when he went there during the Diwali Festival, He was amazed in the lanterns and colourful street decorations, people in their traditional dress and and the street performer. It is also connected by a underground train  and underground passage.

Orchard Road

This road has a lot of huge shopping mall and hotels, This is like the high street of Singapore, People comes here to show their fashion and style and of course to shop. Noticeably that during Saturdays and Sundays the place are full of Kabayans it's simple because one of the Mall there have mostly filipino products and services. This is my favourite part of Singapore because I love new things, electronics and people. The place is also connected by underground train and the mall is connected by underground passage.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island can be reach by going to Vivo Shopping Mall. Vevo is a regular shopping Mall that is connected by a Tram going to Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is a island in Singapore design for relaxation and entertainment. There are so many hotels, restaurant and attractions to see and experience. The beaches are also located in this Island. Cable car, Universal Studios, iFly sky dive, forest are some of the attractions I did experience.


This place is a residential area with a lot of hawkers food, shops and if I am not mistaken this is already the red light district. I see some establishments here where there are some lady's on stage. This place is for every body, poor and rich meets in here. In this place you'll think that people doesn't cook at home because the hawkers food center are always full.

Botanic Garden

I've been here just a few hours because of the rain, that is why I didn't see all the things but they have restaurant inside, a lot of big trees and plants that I saw for the first time, There is lake with a lot of big fish, There are some pay per entry places inside, And I see there a rooster that are roaming around.

Most of the places of interest in Singapore can be reach using their numerous Rail, Train system. Some places are also connected by underground passage and Mall which are good during the rains or when it's very hot outside.

There are so much more to see in Singapore specially if you have a lot of money.

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