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Kuala Lumpur Train Travel to Singapore.

Ticket to Singapore

I get bored when I was in Kuala lumpur so I bought a train ticket going to Thailand. Then my friend who was just arrived in Singapore convinced me to go with him and travel together.

So the next day I went to the Intercity Ticket Station at the KL Central Station, I ask the teller to change my Thailand ticket to Singapore ticket. They give me change because the Thailand ticket was 69MYR and the Singapore Ticket is only 39MYR. My advice is to plan your travel and buy ticket in advance specially during weekends that trains are usually fully booked.

Kuala Lumpur Central Station

I have a backpack and a luggage and went to the Kuala Lumpur Central Terminal 1 hour earlier to my 22:00 boarding time. The Central Terminal have restaurants and McDonalds that is open 24 hours, a lot of benches and waiting area. It is very crowded in the daytime. The intercity Train here is not so many like Europe where trains comes and go every 30 minutes.

The security will just let the passenger go to the Flatform once the Train arrived. The security has checked the the ticket and baggage and they let us in inside the carriages. The sit and carriages number is written on the ticket.

The Night Train with Bed

It is a night Train and will be travelling for around 8 hours going to the JB Central Station. I got a second deck of a double decker bed.  The night Trains comes with a normal couches but mostly are converted to double decker bed specially for long night travel. It is actually comfortable, comes with nice bed, clean pillow and clean blanket. And is covered with sliding curtain but expect to hear the sound of the snoring and chatting passengers. There will be a ticket inspector on board and they will start to check the ticket just right after boarding so you will not be disturb while you are sleeping. I didn't see any luggage space so I put my luggage and my backpack on my bed. The other passengers they just keep their luggage on the floor. The train stops in other stations to unload and pick up new passenger for around 5 to 10 minutes then will go and end the trip to JB Central Station. Johor Bahru or JB Central Station is the final and last station of the Train. Johor Bahru is part of Malaysia and is connected by a bridge going to Woodlands which is a part of Singapore.

Johor Bahru Malaysia Immigration Control

Around 5:00 o;clock when we arrived at JB Central Station. There is supposed to have a transfer to another train going to Woodlands but it is fully booked until 16:00. The teller told me to just take the bus as it is always available going to the Woodlands. I just follow the teller instructions, I follow the crowds that are also going to Singapore. I don't know actually what is outside of the JB Central because I just take a long walk, around 20 minutes walk taking elevator, escalator and hallways without going outside the building. Then we end up in the Malaysia immigration Control. I show my passport and did the immigration check out. Then following the instruction going out and I found the Bus going to Woodlands. Camera and Video Cam in the immigration building is not allowed so I don't have any picture.

Crossing the Boundary Johor Bahru to Woodlands.

The bus is nice, the locals use their card to pay, some people just drops coins on the box beside the driver and because I don't have coins I pay to the driver and he gave me changes and printed receipt, I forgot how much but its cheap. It's around 30 minutes travel because it is very traffic, but can be taken for 10 minutes without the traffic. This bus is just crossing the river, the boundary of Malaysia and Singapore.

Woodlands Singapore Immigration Control

We reach the Woodlands and noticeable the amazing numbers of people with their motor bike and cars that are also going to cross the border and will go to Singapore. And that is aside from the people that are commuting from Malaysia to Singapore like me. So these people are maybe living in Malaysia but working in Singapore it means that this s a daily scenario in this place. Upon reaching the immigration some officers ask me some information like, where I will stay, for how long etc. Then they stamped my passport to stay in Singapore maximum 30 days. Filipinos have no visa to most asian countries for 30 days.

Finally in Singapore

I get out of the immigration and to be sure I ask one officer if I am already in Singapore  because people are still look the same, environment is still the same. lols. Down the immigration is a bus terminal going to city. I don't have Singapore Dollar with me and there is no ATM machine in the area. I walk and reach this place like a market, I ate there and withdraw some cash. I went back to the bus terminal I take the bus and the conductor told me that I can pay Singapore Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit.

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